Meet Kiki.....
          If you haven't already guessed my birth name is not Kiki. Though it has been what I've been called since I can remember. Inside, Kiki is who I am and hearing someone refer to me as Christina, my birth name, just sounds off. 
          By day I'm an office rat, working full time, Monday through Friday. On the weekends I'm a walking cliche strolling the isle of Target, Starbucks in hand, hoarding all sorts of makeup and baby clothes.
          First and foremost, I'm a mom and it's the best job of all. As the back bone of According to Kiki, it's what drove me to start my blog. It's what brought me to "meet" so many amazing women who are mothers, as well as countless others. No matter how big or small this journey decides to take me, I will always treasure the relationships I've made through blogging. 
          Seeing the best in everyone has been my goal for years. I live my life based on a "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" basis. Words can lift people up but also tear them down. Make the world a better place and be mindful of the things you say. With that being said, leave a comment and let's be friends!