July 12, 2017

    Food? Motherhood? A slew of empty containers people may or may not care about? What exactly is this blog? Why do people come here, and how do I label myself? Answer.... I dont.

WHY I'M NOT LABELING THIS BLOG..... I have a very simple answer to this, and it's simply self growth. I truly believe that as a person, I am constantly changing. Constantly growing. When I look back at my very first blog posts, I am not the person I was then, and when I look back on this post a year from now, I know I'll be different. I want this space of mine to change as I change, and to always be a very real outlet of how I perceive my life. Hence According to Kiki.

WHY LABELING ISN'T MY JAM..... Some feel if they talk about food, they have to be a food blog. If they talk about makeup, they have to be a beauty blog. If they share a funny story about their kids, they have to be a mommy blog. I'm just being honest when I say I don't know what I'm doing half the time. I don't know what I'm going to post tomorrow, next week. I just don't roll like that. Perhaps Penny will do something hysterical that will inspire me? Perhaps I'll rant about something? I want this blog to be a free space to do so and labeling that will totally harsh my mellow. Yeah.... you like that?

WHY YOU SHOULD KEEP READING.....There a probably 5.8 ba-gillion- zillion blogs out there. Some, similar to mine. Some polar opposite. One thing I can pinky promise you, is you will never find bs here. I'm always going to keep it real, and tell our story as I see it. Come here for parenting advice, funny stories, and a bucket full of average, because the internet is just too full of fake people imho. You won't find that here. Ever. I do hope you continue to find yourself here from time to time. I might post less. Post more. Post nonsense; when I have two kiddos to take care of. I will be here, coffee and all.

What do you think about blogs without labels? 

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