July 03, 2017

    After finding success in this mission to complete goals seasonally, it looks like I'll be continuing to do so with Summer goals! I mean, at least until baby boy is here. If you've ever had kids, you know exactly how kids literally make it impossible for you to accomplish, like anything? I feel like a rock star on nights when all the pillows on the couch are turned the same way with blankets neatly folded. Or heck, when I go to bed with a clean sink! The thing about accomplishing goals, no matter how big or small, they just make you feel something extra.

    Back when I wrote up my Spring Goals, I made sure to include a lot of really practical ones that were doable throughout pregnancy. Every day is different with this guy, so one day I might have a burst of energy and the next, I'm crying over having to wash my hair. #hormones.

Here's what I (we) accomplished since my last goals post!

Laundry Room....Might as well put this one on here again. In addition to cleaning the laundry room, I'd love to fix a small crack in the utility sink that causes a very small amount of water on the floor every time we wash clothes. In no way shape or form did this get done. Actually, it only got worse when we got a new dryer. The old one is still sitting in the middle of the laundry room, there are about twenty dryer sheets scattered on the floor and I don't think either of us has swept down there in months. I mean, just trying to be real. 

Clean out storage totes & organize basement.... Not only do things need to be organized, they need to be donated. Seriously, we have SO MUCH junk. Time to get rid of it!  I say this with hesitation, but for the most part much of this has been done. My sister helped me a few weekends ago by going through all of Penny's old baby clothes with me. Not only did it free up a ton of storage totes, it made me feel a little less cluttered. Much of the current basement clutter is baby things that will be making their way upstairs slowly but surely. So this is half done. 

Kitchen.... Construction is already underway for our kitchen! We're actually keeping our kitchen reno fairly affordable, by using the existing cabinets and counter tops. This way, we can put more money into a new sink, and light fixtures. Joshua and I have a lot of ideas! Lies. So many lies I told in that little paragraph. Construction IS underway. It has been underway, and then we realized both of us would rather work on the baby room. We will be finishing up the wall before baby arrives, but as for the kitchen remodel, I sort of want to wait until next summer so we have the budget to add cabinets and rip out old cabinets. I'm short and several of the cabinets are freakishly tall and awkward. I want to rework things so that I can actually use the space to it's full potential. Aka, you wont see my kitchen on the blog for a very long time. 

Finish bathroom project.... In Joshua's defense, most of the handy work involving the bathroom project is done. It took a little thing called compromise to get the bathroom project started, and now I really need to buckle down and finish the space! I feel bad about not crossing this off. Really, the bathroom is done. At least for what Joshua and I refer to all our projects as phase 1 one. I still need to find a toilet paper holder I like, have him sand the gloss finish off the cabinets, and buy new knobs, but other than that, it's been decorated for a long while. Coming soon! 

Yard work....Here's where the help comes in. I can probably clean out the flower beds. You know, standing upright, using a rake, and not bending at all. Other than that, pregnancy is very limiting to the amount of gardening one can do. Ever heard of toxoplasmosis? After deciding what plants I want where, I'm going to buy all the tools, and get Joshua or my little brother to do all the handy work. I was most excited to do a flower bed when we bought our home, but that will have to wait just one more year. (;  Josh totally took charge in this project and our bed looks great! In fact, he even removed this horrible "buggy bush" that was in front of our picture window so we can add another flower bed! 

Now onto summer goals! As much as I'm clucking as I write this, because I know a lot of these hot weekends will be me, inside with the AC on, large and in charge on the couch, I genuinely do hope to accomplish something. 

Laundry Room.... I mean, even if I sweep and pick up the dryer sheets I feel right taking this off come fall. 

Baby Room.... This goal is totally doable. Joshua and my sister already got to work and did the entire first round of painting, which left me with only touch ups! The curtain rod is hung, and I need to find curtains, bedding, and decor, but the room is so coming together fast! 

Drywall.... This is on Joshua. If I keep bugging him enough, it will get done. (; 

Yard work.... More like just keeping up with yard work.

Save save save.... Babies are expensive. Duh. We are having another one in just under 4 months!!!! Saving every dime I can right now is the top priority in all of this! 

Organize.... In a post coming very soon, I talk about some of the ways I've distracted myself from those weekly shopping trips. One of those ways is organizing! I want to continue to do this and learn as much as I can along the way.  

What's on your goals list for Summer 2017?

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