June 02, 2017

    Skipped a few weeks, haven't we? Told you this would happen. That I would get caught up with life and forget to document this pregnancy that seems to be freaking flying!

Baby is the size of a: Spaghetti Squash; make anyone else hungry?

Gender? Find out next weekend what we are having! Follow me here on Instagram to catch the big reveal when it happens!

Mood? Tired. That small burst of energy I was having is long gone. I want to do so many things, and lack any and all motivation to do them. It's frustrating, especially when my list only continues to grow.

Skin: Still improving, and actually the dryness is down to a bare minimum! Woo! Thanks little squash for mommy's clear skin!

Maternity clothes: Oh man, I have a post coming for you all next week! After some crazy emotions last weekend on a shopping trip, I plan on letting it all out in a long storytime/ rant way. I promise it's funny. As with everything that happens to me, I try to tell it in a way that's both funny and entertaining, while still getting to the point. I don't want you to fall asleep or not care and give up a paragraph in.

    I'm going to touch more on it in next week's post, but since it has to do with Maternity clothes, I'll just include in today's Bumpdate as well! My great friend, Mica, of the blog, Away from the Blue, released her very own pregnancy on a budget e book! Mica has been a wonderful friend and a huge role model in not only my normal wardrobe, but my maternity wardrobe as well both when I was pregnant with Penny and with this baby! I couldn't be more proud of her releasing her very first ebook! I highly recommend you check it out, here!

Sleep: I'm tossing and turning a lot at night. I wake up several times and just walk around my room before laying back down. In the last week, we've ripped out the carpet in  our bedroom and have been at work with the floor, however, the dog's nails against the hardwood at night, have me in search of a very large rug!

Symptoms: Some pregnancy TMI, but my nipples are killing me! They have also gone from their normal color to a very very dark brown. I can't remember if this was a thing with Penny?

Lower back pain is back with a vengeance too and I expect to experience it for the remainder of this pregnancy.

Pregnancy moment of the week: I was sitting at my desk yesterday and received the biggest kick to date. This baby is VERY active and I can typically feel moment all day long. This kick though was so strong and more than those normal flutters. I love being kicked, it's so reassuring that baby is getting stronger!

Feeling: Large. The weather is hotter and I'm getting bigger and bigger! Feeling excited for the gender reveal party next weekend, but also nervous about getting everything done in time and of course, the unpredictable Ohio weather.

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