June 28, 2017

    Finally adding another room to the list of rooms I am happy with! For now at least. We started trying to get pregnant back in November, right around the time we actually began working on Pen's permanent space. At the time, she was sleeping in the smaller of the two kids bedrooms, but we had always intended on that becoming the nursery. Penny officially made the move into what we call the Pink room, back in February. At the time, the room was pretty much done, but there was still something about it I wasn't happy with. I wanted to be able to walk in and feel happy and something about the space just wasn't doing it for me.

    Two weeks ago, I drew out a total rearrange of the room on my sketch pad; with Joshua there to do all the heavy lifting, of course. In addition to the new look, I went crazy and purchased a ton of organizational bins and baskets in attempts to make sense of it all. It took a very long day, with lots of toys being donated and a bookshelf made it's way to the basement, but I am finally happy with the finished result!

    First thing I knew had to be changed, was the curtain situation in this room. Originally, I wanted white curtains, but I also want to sleep in passed 5:30 am on Saturdays. Since her bedding was two toned grey, I picked a similar grey color, and found these panels for just $4.87 a piece, at Walmart! Curtains can be so ridiculously expensive, and putting expensive curtains in a kids room was an absolute no for me. This way, if she destroys them in a few years, I won't be crushed over it. The curtain rods were actually up-cycled from the first place Joshua and I rented together. They'd been in storage the last few years, and made useful in this room!

    Another way we were able to save some HUGE bucks, was getting her bed frame, and dresser totally for free! The bed was actually given to us by a family friend (she also has a blog, click here) as a bunk bed set and we painted it white and distressed it. Easy peasy. The small chest dresser was given to me by my aunt and uncle. It was already white, but just one fresh coat of the white paint I already had laying around for various other projects, gave it a face lift.

    Joshua, of course, made the shelf, which is the same as the ones found throughout our house. It's an easy DIY project and each shelf costs less than $4 to make!

    Let's talk bedding for a hot second. Both Pen's comforter, and sheets are the Pillowfort line from Target. The sheets are a simple white and pink floral print and I have been happy with the way they've washed up over the last several months. I can't remember how much exactly I spent on the comforter, but I'm not super impressed with it. It's crazy thin, which is great from the summer, but meant lots of additional blankets when it was colder. This specific comforter isn't sold anymore, (though the sheets are still available here) so perhaps it wasn't a great seller? I cannot speak for the quality of the other Pillowfort comforters or duvets.

Hello and heart circles are from the Target Dollar spot! 

    Recognize the fabric banner? It's made quite a few appearances on the blog, from the bridal shower, our wedding (it was there, I swear, I just didn't share the photo), and most recently the gender reveal party. Months ago, I purchased the minty/ blue-ish fabric to replace all the red wine color so it could be a decoration in Pen's room, but lacked all motivation to change it. I thought it would look cute as a decoration for the gender reveal party, and a free backdrop as well, so I made the switch right before the party! It's final resting place, Pen's pink room! 


  *above from listing photo 

my photo, after Joshua ripped up the carpet.


Future plans: As Penny grows older, toys will come and go from this space, but I see the overall layout working for us for quite a few years. The rug I have now is only a 5 x 7, so I am currently watching for sales so I can snag up an 8 x 10 I like better. Other than the rug situation, I don't see myself touching this room for awhile! 

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