IT'S A......

June 12, 2017

    If you haven't seen the news yet over on my Instagram, we announced the gender of baby number two over the weekend, and IT'S A BOY!!!

    All those wives tales are legit, yeah? We sort of lied to everyone we know and told them we had no idea. When I say we sort of lied, we flat out lied. During our anatomy scan back on May 23rd, we  found out. We asked the tech to type it on the screen, since Penny sat in with us (three year olds have the biggest mouths) and when she typed B-O-Y on the screen, I'm 99% sure I both shrieked and blurted out "are you sure?" Hard to say really, as I really only remember my heart racing when I saw B-O-Y. The feelings I had in the moment where unlike anything I had ever felt. I thought I was having a girl, and no matter how different the pregnancies were, I just never saw myself being the mom of a boy. I felt this overwhelming complete feeling that is still leaving me parts nervous and parts privileged. I get to be a boy mom?!

    Obviously I went nuts shopping already, and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. I've been planning his nursery for the last two weeks and it's getting painted this weekend! I'm still in slight denial it's a boy, but had another ultrasound last Wednesday with a different tech who joked with me that he wasn't exactly shy and he's a very obvious boy. I think I will be in the state of shock until he is physically in my arms. My heart could explode with all the love I have coming from it. Penny is crazy excited too, and lifts my shirt up to talk to him. I've already gotten her into the excitement of helping me buy things and she picked out a little stuffed tiger for him all on her own. Things are getting pretty crazy over here, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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