June 19, 2017

Buy a house they said.

When you cross that threshold of the mortgage company, keys in your hand and biting your lower lip as it quivers so no one sees you bust into tears of joy until you are in the car, there's a euphoric top of the world feeling that floods your body.

You feel it again when you complete your very first home project, when you and your husband plop down on your new living room set for the first time. Those new home buyer highs that make you feel like you've accomplished something. No one talks about all the stupid parts of home owning. I mean, you'd think a lot of it is straight common sense. Here's a little story I'm still trying to find humorous.

Back in February, we threw a three for one party at our home. The bulk of it was Penny's third birthday, mixed in with a house warming party, and of course, our baby number two announcement. The events that took place just 24 hours before that party, were anything but exciting.

Joshua and I had taken a few days off work before the party to get ready, shop for food and decorations, and really, just relax a bit, so when we woke up Friday morning to our refrigerator in an off state, we panicked. Things were thawing, dripping, and I was going ballistic about how we were going to keep all the food cold for the party. I tend to, well, over react in said situations. I'm sure my husband will comment on here and back up that claim.

Joshua's mom came to pick up Penny and took with her as many of my groceries I could salvage. Then. came the panic. When our washer had broke a few months prior, it took a week to have a new one delivered. How on earth were we going to get a fridge delivered before the party? Many calls were made, much a googling was happening. Joshua sort of got "eh" with me and went to his dad's to help him with something. Low and behold, he returned with a refrigerator and his stepdad who just happened to get off work early that day. Slowly, the two of them manged to get it in our abnormally narrow doorway, only to find Joshua did not measure the spot where the fridge was designed to go in the kitchen. You know, tucked under two cabinets no one who's not a basketball player can reach? There's going to be a lot of demo in the kitchen over the next year, so I wasn't too sad about seeing them ripped off the wall, but watching two men move any sort of large appliance into place is nerve raking so I bounced.

I went out, bought all the food for the party, and returned to two beer drinking men with suspicious smiles on their faces. That's when it hit the fan.

Joshua: So the new fridge didn't work either.
Me: color leaving my face, consider what to do with the $150 worth of burgers and hot dogs in my trunk. 

Turns out, abso-freaking-lutely nothing was wrong with our old refrigerator. The night before, my sister had used my coffee pot and somehow manged to trip the GFI outlet that the coffee pot and refrigerator were both plugged into. All we needed to do was pop the GFI.... that's it. Now this story does have an ironic side to it, seeing as this happened in February, and our old fridge, that had been dubbed "garage fridge" has now officially kicked the bucket. If only we had the ability to see into the future. I mean, I'm sure my past self is nodded and saying "well, ok," to herself.

My first piece of advice and home stories for dummies post, as I'm sure this is the first of many mistakes we will make as home owners. Check the dang outlet before you go shill out money on a new refrigerator. But, I mean, you might have purchased an appliance that was ready to go in the first place. There's literally no science to all of this.

Pictured above, from my living room reveal post, shared a few weeks ago! Check it out! 

Would you have checked the outlet first?
Has this ever happened to you?
Share a home story that made you feel like a dummy. 

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