June 08, 2017

    Love cooking, hate cleaning up? Yep, me too. Time seems to be a thing I no longer have lately. Perhaps it's being pregnant and tired all the time. Perhaps it's this two week long headache? Whatever the case, I want weeknight dinners to take me no longer than a half hour to prepare, and ten minutes to clean up. Let me throw it out there that we do not have a dish washer either, and I don't want one. Weird, yes, but a story for another post.

    So what do I go for when I'm exhausted and my head is exploding? Pasta, of course. It's literally the ultimate comfort food that always puts me in an insta-mood. A good mood, obviously. Even better, it leaves me with roughly four dishes to clean up (not including our bowls and forks, but those are really the easy ones, and it only adds 6 small things to this ten minute clean-up goal anyway).

Pot 1... literally water and whatever pasta you like. My personal favorite, small shells. Pasta, water, that's it. Super easy to clean. Oh, and a wooden spoon that you'll also use to stir the sauce. Because why dirty an extra spoon?

To be super lazy, I usually just use the wooden spoon against the pot to drain the water from the noodles. This is risky, you may burn the freaking crap out of yourself, but it's an art I've mastered. 

Pan/ pot 2...I use a pan, skillet thing, (Gordon Ramsay would be slapping himself in the forehead right now) but you could totally use a pot if that's what you prefer. Dump in the sauce of your choice, evoo,  some fresh veggies, I used red peppers, and spinach. Saute it up a bit. Toss in some minced garlic, parsley, basil, salt, pepper, all to taste of course because we aren't cleaning measuring cups. When your kitchen starts to smell like Olive Garden, toss in your cooked, drained pasta and push it around in the sauce with your trusty wooden spoon. After about 5 minutes of doing this, you'll have the perfect sauce to pasta ratio and it will be ready for consuming!

    This is literally one of my favorite ways to make dinner for the effortlessness and easy clean up. Both of which impact the timeline of my after-work evenings immensely! There are some weeks, we have this dish twice, with different fixins of course, and it's always a favorite with plenty of leftovers to take for lunch! What's your favorite quick, week night meal with easy clean up? 

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