June 06, 2017

     In the early days of pregnancy, I watched dozens of "Baby names I love, but won't be using," tags on YouTube. Since I don't Tube, I figured I'd do a little blog tag of my own! Here are 5 girl names, and 5 boy names I love, but for whatever reason, will not be using with baby number 2! Enjoy, and feel free to do this on your own blog for fun!

5 Girl Names
Blair - I'm a huge Gossip Girl fan. I think this name is so classic and elegant, but it sounds so odd paired with Penelope. For that reason, we won't be using it. Popularity in 2016: #521

Caroline - I think this name is just stunning, but Joshua can't get passed the Sweet Caroline song. It really bums me out, I love the way Penny and Carrie fit together. Popularity in 2016: #56

Charlotte - I love this name for it's nickname "Lottie." However, it's become crazy popular in recent years. Still, a stunning name that will grow with a baby girl. Popularity in 2016: #7

Dorothy- I tried guys. I tried hard for this name and Josh just wasn't on board. Such a stunning name. Popularity in 2016: #652

Camile- This was actually my Great Grandma's name. I would use it in a heartbeat, but my sister, "called" it. Girl code. Popularity in 2016: #243

5 Boys Names
Langston - No doubt I love this name after the wonderful poet, activist, Langston Hughes. I think historically driven names are just beautiful and this one has always just struck something with me. Popularity in 2016: #653

George - This was my mother's maiden name and there's something so sweet about the way this rolls off your tongue. Fun fact, Prince George and I share a birthday. Popularity in 2016: #125

Fitzgerald - Another historically driven name choice on the list. Joshua is against it, but I just love the nickname "Fitz." Yes.... yes I watch Scandal. (; Popularity in 2016: #1772

Theodore "Theo" - I absolutely love this name, but again Joshua is not on board. Partly because we work with a Theodore, who goes by Ted. Secondly, I'm writing a book and the villain's name is Theodore. So that would be a little odd. Popularity in 2016: #83

Charles "Charlie" - I've always loved this name. From the first time I heard it, on the school bus, and to now. Something about this name just pulls at my heart strings, but it's just become too popular for my liking. Popularity in 2016: #51

What baby names do you love, but won't be using?
We are announcing what we are having next week!!!! 

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