May 03, 2017

Here it goes, the disclaimer because some people will be offended at this list of things I found to be pointless with my first kiddo and things I know better than to waste money on the second time around. Here it is. A list of things I wish I could go back in time and convince myself I didn't "need." As a first time mom, the lists and registries can get so freaking overwhelming. Giving birth to a tiny human shouldn't be that complicated, right? Keep reading to see what baby things I personally used and found totally pointless when I had Penny, three years ago.

Bumbo... Giant, foam/ rubber "seat" that no matter how well I adjusted her, she'd fall to one side. Fortunately, I didn't buy this, it was given to me, but I just don't get the hype around this $45 piece of foam.

Comfort and Harmony Portable Swing... If you take a baby to any sort of family function, you won't need anything portable to sit them in. Someone is always going to want to snuggle them while you stuff your face with Thanksgiving dinner. I thought this would be a good apartment size option, but we could only use it until Pen was about 4 months old. She wasn't a big baby by any means, but at 4 months, she was way too heavy for this thing and it wouldn't move.

"Soft" bath towels.... I'm not saying I'm anti baby bath towels. I mean, you can use a regular bath towel. There's no pediatrician mandate that says you have to use the cute patterns with the hoods, but the biggest waste of money are the baby bath towels not made out of the traditional "towel" material. The reason for this, apparently towel material (seriously, what are towels made of, help a sista out), is "too harsh" for baby skin. (How hard are these people drying their newborn??). These soft, faux towel thingys don't dry your screaming newborn. They turn into this soaking wet piece of cloth and then your kid is screaming harder because they are laying in a cold, soaking wet towel. Hang them to dry and expect a dry towel the next day? Nope. You'll need a new towel. Pass on these!

Wipe Warmers.... Some mamas swear that warm wipes on a baby bum prevents crying. I've never had a wipe warmer because something about it screamed marketing ploy. It's not portable, so if you find yourself in a situation at the mall, your kid will scream because your diaper bag wipes are cold? I'd save money and skip it. They will probably scream because they have a wet or dirty diaper anyway.

Shopping cart cover.... But... but... GERMS!! I've never been one of those germ-phobic moms. I'm sure there are always instances where you should be one of those moms, but I was blessed to have a very healthy baby girl. Who knows, I could look back at this post and slap myself one day. My point with the cart thingys... I can only manage getting Pen and a diaper bag into the store let alone a cart cover. I can't have more stuff than arms.

Baby powder.... Trust me when I say this is an old way of things product. Unless your kiddo is allergic to creams, ointment, etc, just pass on this messy once must have item.

Grooming kits.... I sort of hate these are called "grooming kits," because it makes me feel like I'm having a puppy, not a baby, but that's besides the point. In a nutshell, you will use the nail clippers. Perhaps the little brush that comes with the set, but really, the nail clippers are all you really need out of this mass of nonsense. I still use our pair today. You get to take your little booger sucker home from the hospital. Your kiddo might not have hair until like ten months old at which time you've lost the cute, matching brushes, and who knows what that small nipple, bottle-like thingy is? Save some money and just buy these.

What pointless baby buys did you discover with your little one?
If you are on kiddo number two or more, is there anything not on this list that you think should be? 
Anything on my list you swear by? 

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