May 19, 2017

    Sad to admit our living room has been in  a "done" state since Christmas time. Trouble is, we have a three year old and a dog, so it's almost never clean or picture worthy. As real as I like to keep it, there's always that person who would point out my dog hair and the baby doll shoved under the couch. No more excuses because a little burst of pseudo pregnancy energy had me ready to rock over the weekend. I feel like when Instagram people do this, they make sure tags of blankets aren't showing or dog toys are hidden. One of our cats also totally photo bombed these, but whatever, these are semi-real life taken right after I was able to straighten up. It's been a wait, but here, finally, is our living room reveal!

    With a garage in a constant state of "projects," I try my best to redirect guests to our front door. I love the cozy vibes you feel upon entry with the wood floors and metal accents. The black hooks were my very first Magnolia Market purchase. Highly recommend browsing that site if you're a Chip and Joanna fan or if you're looking for some unique pieces to add to your home!

    The shelving and picture table I've talked about briefly in past posts. For the most part, I try to keep the shelves of the picture table pretty basic. The pillows, are Ed by Ellen, a Christmas gift from my mommy and fellow Ellen fan. The black, wire baskets are from Walmart and come with removable cloth inserts. For the sake of displaying the pillows, I left out the inserts, but these baskets are so affordable and a great way to store things while still keeping a nice look. You'll see a lot of of these throughout our home!

    One of my favorite pieces, and not something I believe has ever made the blog before, is the metal wall design, hanging above the hallway entrance. When I ordered it, it was an odd brick red color, but I knew I wanted something matte black to match our curtain rod on the adjacent wall. Spray paint quickly solved that dilemma.

    Now, onto the sitting area, which is usually littered with dog toys and plastic doctor kit tools. Seeing it clean is ridiculously satisfying.

Furniture from Ashley HomeStore , Home Sweet Home pillow , Corner tv mountmirror , curtainscurtain rod

    I had the bench under our tv made, shortly after we received the picture table. Mounting our tv was the best decision ever with a toddler and puppy, but the clumsy pup still bumps the cords occasionally, so the bench, for now, prevents this. That orchid is only there so you all think I'm fancy. I keep all my orchids in the sun room.

    A few months ago, I was up late one night, binge watching Luke Cage on Netflix, when the sudden urge to paint the fireplace came over me. Like any sane person would do on a Thursday night when she had to work the next morning, I grabbed the paint and went to work. Joshua was asleep when I did it and woke up to quite the surprise! Though the fireplace is far from "done" I love the way it turned out!

  There you see Snooks in all her photo bombing glory. What you dont see, Kylo running around my feet and in and out of shots.

End tables, and lamps , pillows , decor from thrift or antique shops, frames from Marshells, TJ Maxx, and Pat Catan's

    Shelving makes me happy. I love putting odd things together and leaving most of the walls bare. Plus, shelves are INSANELY easy and cheap to make on your own! Why anyone pays $50+ bucks for shelves is beyond my understanding. These four corner shelves cost us about $10!

    I'd describe my style as rustic industrial farmhouse. I tend to dislike decor or things that don't serve a purpose, or rooms that make someone uncomfortable. Our living room is my favorite room in the house so far, as everything just came together so easily. It's simple, but has some of the most drastic changes in our home so far. 

Future plans: 
-A project is never actually done, right? Future plans for the living room space, include new tile in front of the fireplace, as well as removing the chain curtain with something a little more modern. I'd love to add a large area rug in the center of the room, and touch up some spots on the baseboards. All small things that we can do here and there as we continue to settle in, and fall in love with our home. 

What are future plans for your living space? 

Remember, we went from this....

To this!

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