May 10, 2017

Drinking.... H20.

Feeling.... My nose is a little stuffy after getting over a cold last week, but for the most part, pretty good. I had a dentist appointment on Monday, which deserves a blog post in itself, and was told I have pregnancy gingivitis. Sounds way scarier than it is, but man oh man are my gums sore!

As always, I'm feeling a little behind and anxious. Only two more weeks until we find out if we are going to be parents to two little girls or a little boy and a little girl!

Wishing....I had more hours in the day to blog. Seriously. Let's not pretend I am the best blogging friend right now. I miss catching up with all your lives and the truth is, I have no real excuse for my slack. I get really irked when people complain about "not vlogging or blogging," but bring on the irony. I know as creators, we don't owe anyone anything. This is all in good fun, and I will never use this as more than a hobby, but man, I miss being on the "in."

Reading.... I gave up on the book I was reading. There were a million and one characters and my feeble pregnant brain just couldn't process it all. Now to find something at like a high school reading level. (; Joshua really wants me to read the Maze Runner series. He loves the books and says the movies don't even come close (though he still enjoys the movies). I'm always weird about reading books when I've seen the movie already. Anyone else?

Watching....Just caught up on Riverdale! In a nut shell, Archie comic book characters meets CW type writing/ shows. The first three episodes were a little too young for my liking, but I'm happy I stuck with it. AND it was renewed!

Like everyone else, I watched 13 reasons why. I can't say I binged it. In fact, it took me a long time to watch because it just drained me emotionally. It's not a "great trendy show" that so many make it seem to be. I'm a little sad they renewed it for a second season. I get it, but at the same time, I hope the overall message isn't sacrificed to simply make money.

Sad.... About the passing of Big Black. Used to love fantasy factory and Rob and Big.

The weather has been putting me down in the dumps too. April showers bring May...cold fronts? Seriously..... Saturday was just a joke. Monday and Tuesday morning we had frost advisories and I went hardcore and put bags over my roses and lilies.

Excited for.... Penny's first baseball practice is tomorrow! She's so excited!

The weekend is also reason for excitement. Mother's Day weekend always is just so much fun for our family, even with all the running around. I do have three mothers to visit, plus attempt to savor the day for myself. It makes it hectic, but fun non the less.

My Mother's Day gift from Joshua is a new phone. I like my current phone. I've never been one need the newest phone or gadget. I currently have the Samsung S 4. I loved it until recently. With the ever advancement of cell phones, my phone is "too old" to support new software that most apps operate one. Essentially, the phone industry is making me upgrade. Josh is picking my new phone, as I really couldn't care as long as it can do the basic things. He's threatened to get me an iphone, which has me excited and nervous at the same time. Some people just cant iphone and I feel like I'm one of them.

Working.... On restoring an old dresser. Something I thought would be super easy is turning into a month long project.

In addition the the refinish which is taking up our entire garage, I am very close to finishing up the bathroom!

What is going on in your life currently? 

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