May 23, 2017

    Here we go! Round two of my Old Wives tales post. To see what the old wives tales said I would have with my first pregnancy, click here! We found out the sex LATER TODAY but YOU will all found out in June when we have our gender reveal party for our family!

Cravings: Salty or Sweet
- Chips, popcorn, french fries. Sometimes I will literally get tears in my eyes if I'm craving something and can't get it. It's actually ridiculous and shameful. lmao 

Bump: High or Low
-Everyone tells me I'm carrying low. When I look down, I feel wider than round though. We will give the point to team boy. 

Morning Sickness: Yes or No
- Weeks 3 to about 10 I was always nauseous! I only threw up 3 times, but the all day woozies were strong. 

Baby's Heart rate: Below 140 or Above 140
-Baby number 2's heart rate was 162 at last tummy check. 

Sleeping on: Left side or Right side. 
-This time around, I've been falling asleep on my left, but every few nights I'll wake up on my right. Majority though left. 

Mood: Happy or Emotional
- Not going to lie, I've been hella emotional this time around. 

Headaches: Less or More
- About twice a week I get these terrible all day headaches that nothing will make go away. ugg. 

Chinese Gender Predictor
-Chinese gender predictor says BOY this time around. Lunar age of conception: 26, Conceived in January. 

Mayan Gender Chart
-According to the Mayans, which don't have a knack for being right all the time ( #shade2012), this time around it's a BOY. Year: 2017, Age at conception: 26. 

Acne: Yes or No.
-My face was rough at first, but other than some dry patches, it's very clear. 

Feet: Cold or No change
-My feet are FREEZING! I just stopped wearing thick, fuzzy socks to work because it's starting to look odd. Still wear them at home. 

Daddy's weight: Gaining or Maintaining 
-Joshua looks better than ever. When I was pregnant with Penny, he gained more than I did! Whateves..... 

Skin: Soft or Dry
-Skin is super dry. Especially my hands. 

    Adding one, because a few Old Wives tails I've read said to take the mother's intuition into account. I'm not going to lie, when I was pregnant with Penny, I thought she was a boy. Not for any particular reason other than I was feeling great and all the old wives tales said that was a boy thing. This time, after already having a girl, my mother's intuition says it's another baby GIRL

    I won't add it to the final count (as I didn't when I did Penny's), but last time it was the total opposite of what I thought. Who knows which point that even goes to! 

Any guesses?

BOY: 10 GIRL: 4

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