May 16, 2017

    Our family is expanding this year and we need to keep a tighter budget. New babies aside, shouldn't everyone try to save some muh-lah here and there? Holidays, are something I tend to splurge on. I love giving gifts, and will almost always spend more than intended. Typically, for Mother's Day, we buy each of the moms (my mom, Joshua's mom, and his stepmom) some sort of flowers. While the gift is always appreciated, it means we are running around like crazy on our way to visit whichever mom, and making stops to find the perfect flowers. I'm getting older, crankier, plus, it's my day too and I'm sick of the running around last minute. Not to mention flowers can get expensive for something that hangs in a basket for a few months.

    I knew a few months ago I wanted to do DIY Mother's Day gifts this year instead of the flower shower of years past. Problem is, I am a rotten DIYer. Small projects here and there I've been ok with, but one of my close friends always blows me away with her DIYs. So like any overbooked, underachieving mama, I enlisted help.

    Wreaths. My amazing DIYing friend, Kayla (the brains behind my bridal shower, the cake pops at our wedding, and parts of Pen's 3rd birthday party) has made me a ton of wreaths since we bought our house last fall, and I love every single one. I knew I wanted to learn the ways of the wreaths and gift each of the VIM's (very important moms) a wreath they could easily keep up all year long.

    I was total crap with the burlap. That will take several more tries on my end, but I did have most control over the overall styling of the wreaths. Like a mentioned before, I wanted to stick with something simple that I knew would fit each of their personalities but still work as an all year round wreath if they wanted it to be. In total, it cost less than $50 for the three, and earned me some much needed girl time with Kayla. I couldn't be happier with the outcome and the moms absolutely loved them!

Have you ever done a Mother's Day DIY?

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