April 28, 2017

but first, the lilac blooms from my backyard. because my standing in front of a dirty mirror, blurry bump pics are harsh.

Today, a quick update on the bumpage!

Baby is the size of a: Turnip ; at least that's what my app says? I assume that's bulb to stalk? Odd to picture my baby as a turnip bobbing around in there.

Gender: Mind still thinks girl, but who knows anymore!

Mood: Emotional. I have been on the verge of tears for over a week now. The really sad part? NOTHING is wrong. Last week, it was over a coworker I love announcing they are leaving in June, and this week it was egg salad. Yes, egg salad. On Wednesday, for whatever reason, I could not stop thinking about egg salad. So much so Joshua and I went to two different places to find it. When the second stop seemed to be out, I got teary eyed and very obviously upset. Joshua, being the champ he is, went up to the counter and asked if they had any in the back for his "pregnant wife, who was about to cry over egg salad." I expected to get a snarky look, instead, I was met with the sweetest eyes. The end of eyes that don't judge but say "girl, I've been there." I wanted to hug her when she walked out with egg salad for me. If you're rolling your eyes right now, remember I did say I was emotional.

Skin: I have these two weird, rough patches that seem to want to hang around. One on my jaw, the other near my nose. I recently went back to seabuckthorn oil, and it seems to be slowly fixing the issue. I'm drinking nearly 100 oz of water a day, and my skin is so dry. Crazy, right?

Maternity clothes: Normal clothes officially look ridiculous on me. At least those are the words of my mother when I tried to shove myself into a non- maternity Merona v neck yesterday. I have a few more tops on the way, but really, I'm sticking to a lot of my basic maternity tees and tanks and just switching up cardigans and kimonos.

I've been loving the Ma Cherie brand Target carries on line!

Sleep: I'm back to not sleeping very well.

Symptoms: Holy headaches! I've now had one on going since Sunday. It eases as the day goes on, but nothing seems to make it go away.

Pregnancy moment of the week: We heard baby's heartbeat on Wednesday. That's always a wonderful feeling. Also getting a lot more movement.

Feeling: Unprepared. Another emotionally driven feeling I've been having. My to-do list seems to grow and grow and a lot of the things need to be done before baby arrives. We have a pretty free weekend ahead of us, so I hope to get lots done!

    So, it was either didn't post today, or use a blurry photo from my Baby Center bumpie gallery. On the left is from last Friday, and the right, today. As you can see, besides the fact I was literally wearing the exact same shirt, 17 week bump is a little bigger than 16 week bump! Emoji stickers all over my phone, courtesy of the 3 year old.

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