April 14, 2017

* No, you did not time travel. For my 15 week pregnancy update, I didn't have a bump photo, so I'm cheating and posting three days late (but dated for the day I wanted it to go up) and using Easter Sunday bump pictures. 

Yes it's totally a pregnancy thing. Last time around, I chopped all my hair off too. Something about long hair and pregnancy just don't mix well with me, nor does it a lot of others.

Baby is the size of an: Apple.

Gender: I still think girl. However, a few people have commented I'm carrying "low" which is a boy wives tale thing. I'm actually working on two posts, one of which were the old wives tales that I wrote down when I had Penny, and the other with this pregnancy. We will find out in June how accurate they are. (;

Mood: Happy. Mildly sleepy.

Skin: I got burnt over the weekend, so still suffering from the after effects.

Maternity Clothes: More and more of my shirts are finding their way to a cardboard box. Bought a maternity dress for Easter and I'm super excited to wear it!

Sleep: This is weird, but Joshua rearranged our bedroom and I swear I'm sleeping better now? Crazy?

Symptoms: It's been pretty smooth sailing this week. No more baby falling out of me feeling, which I'll take! Cravings have come back slightly. I've wanted green salsa like all week. On everything. Yesterday I really wanted tomatoes!

Pregnancy moment or must have of the week: We will go with moment. I'm experiencing "pregnancy brain" this time around, as I have left my car running twice and only realize it's still running when I'm looking for my keys to lock it. A better moment though, new hair!

Feeling: Hungry. It's almost lunch time. (;

Feeling these long "stretch" like feelings. As if baby is stretching. They are kind of cool!

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