April 07, 2017

One of these days I'll take a cute baby bump shot that's not me standing against my toddler's wall, at night, asking Joshua "crap, will you take my bump picture for tomorrow?!" #reallife

Baby is the size of a: Lemon

Gender: Still feeling like it's a girl. Joshua and I may have actually agreed on a girl name this week! 

Mood: Cue angels singing. I feel fantastic. I have energy, I don't feel like I need to go back to sleep after sleeping for 8 hours. 

Skin: Whenever my skin seems to be giving me trouble, I run back to this method that's worked for me over the last two years. It ALWAYS helps and seriously I don't know why I ever get in periods of my life when I don't do it. Mys skin feels amazing when I do. Future self reading this, stop spending $$ on expensive skincare crap. 

Maternity Clothes: I bought this dress online. It was Maternity, I ordered a Large because that's what I'm wearing in maternity tops. This thing was huge! Not the huge in the sense that if I kept it it would fit me in a few months. It was the widest cut garment I've ever seen. Really struggling with what I'm going to wear for Easter. 

Sleep: Now that sleep feels like it matters, I seem to be sleeping ever better! Still sleeping on my left side. 

Symptoms: I'm getting this really heavy "baby feels like it's fall out" feeling that last time I didn't get until like 30 weeks. I was assured it's normal and it will come a go. Cool?

Cravings: I added this since last week because this entire craving thing is so bizzare to me. I did not crave a thing with my first pregnancy, so those I must have this food or someone will die moments amuse me. Always craving salt, which is not good. I try to just eat handfuls of things. One snack in the morning and one sometime in the afternoon. 

Pregnancy must have of the week: Popcorn. I shamefully hate two chip size bags of popcorn by myself this week. I cannot get enough of the Smart food popcorn! Yes, I know. Bad. Salt bad. Good thing I drank water like I have a problem. 

Feeling: Heavy. It doesn't help that sometimes when I walk I get this holy moly it's falling out feeling. Seriously, not fun. Other than that, my mood and body seem to have taken a turn for the better. 

    Most definitely feeling baby now. Usually at night after dinner when Josh and I are relaxing on the couch. He has felt it too, twice. Baby is still very small, so the little flutters are so light he can hardly make them out. If I poke around at where baby is, I can almost always find exactly where the baby is at and feel it move! Coolest feeling ever!

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