April 10, 2017

    Well guys, it happened. I knew it would happen one day, but my child got her very first sunburn. Maybe it's the fact I'm having a huge case of pregnancy brain lately? No, seriously, we went to dinner with my mom and brother Friday night and I got out of the car, with it running, and started to walk into the restaurant. It was only when I tried to lock the car, that I realized I'd left it running. Oops. Where was I? Oh yeah.... sunburn.

Saturday.... With the high of 55, Pen and I slept late (seriously, 9 am, it was amazing), went to Target for Starbucks, and got her a new jacket. She's still very much in size 3T clothing, but it seems I always have to buy coats and jackets a size larger. After the morning run around, we headed to the ball fields to watch my brother's double header baseball game. (Warning, rant coming). My brother is a freshman this year, and plays on the JV Baseball team. It's probably normal, but the coach will go games at a time and not play any freshman, or play the freshman for an half an inning. Yeah, yeah, I'm the big sister, so clearly I am emotionally frustrated by this. Since it was a double header, he did play the entire second game, and he kicked some serious butt! My brother is obsessed with stealing bases. His first up to bat, he stole 2nd, 3rd, and HOME. He did amazing the rest of the game too. Why he hardly ever gets to play? Beyond my understanding.

    Since the day was pretty cool, I didn't think about the fact that I'm like, allergic to the sun, and of course that meant I didn't put any sunscreen on Miss P. Fortunately, she's Syrian, so her dad's good skin genes made her tiny bit of burn not as bad as mama's. I however, I am fried. There's a blister on my forehead and everything. Note to self, sunscreen, no matter how cold it is.

Royal Docks Brewery of Canton, Ohio
    Joshua's birthday is Tuesday, and he's really wanted to check out this new, local brewery since it opened last summer. Finally, we got around to it, and I got to play pregnant designated driver. My sister watched Penny while we enjoyed the evening.

Sunday.... Saturday night, my aunt and uncle were in town and dropped off a bunch of goodies for us she wanted to get rid of. Most of it was home stuff they weren't using, but there were some antique family items I was happy to take in.

    In the bunch, I received an old handmade bookend that my Grandpa George made. I never knew my Grandpa George, as he passed away when my mom was just 9 years old, so having this was very cool! I've always loved decorating with books. My aunt threw in some old children's books, an even my Great Grandma Maxine's bible and they now occupy the bookend on the shelves Joshua made! What do you think?

her flower sniffing face
    The weather yesterday was seriously unreal. Around eleven, I was feeling a little "eh" from all the morning organizing and cleaning, so while Pen napped, and Joshua mowed the lawn, I took it easy on the couch. After nap time, Pen and I joined Joshua on the back deck for some sunshine. Don't worry, lots of sunscreen was applied.

     The rest of the afternoon was what I would consider perfect. We took Kylo on a walk, met some neighbors, taught Penny how to plant flowers, and finished off the evening grilling.

How was your weekend?

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