April 25, 2017

What a week. If I had a dollar for every time I said that. I thought the warmer weather would bring with it some down time, but instead we've only managed to add to our every growing to-do list. We had someone come out two weeks ago and measure carpet. I still have yet to call them back and schedule an appointment. Someone is coming out today to give us a quote on trimming our tree today, and on top of that, there's just a ton of other stuff. This kids, this is why adults are so tired.

Saturday....Pen and I spent the morning running errands. She was really well behaved for the most part, that is until she started asking/ saying really inappropriate things in front of strangers. A post is coming, I swear. I bought the cutest little salad bowl ever. If you've been to Target recently, you've probably seen it. A little blue bowl and the serving spoons snap to the lid. Freaking genius, right? I feel like a real mom now.

    When Joshua got home from work, we headed to my aunts for salad, stromboli, and cupcakes for our week late Easter celebration. There weren't really any photos. The weather was crappy and most of us just showed up in tee shirts. Still, the food was yummy and the conversation was better. Oh, and they just got a new kitten, so that helped.

Sunday.... The weather went from blah to yah in one day. Ok, but how lame was that last sentence? Joshua, Pen and I headed out in search of a powder blue hydrangea, and somewhere to stop for lunch. Lowe's was pretty picked over in terms of hydrangeas, so we headed to Home Depot and scored the second to last blue one, and a few other yard odds and ends.

    Smoke the Burger joint, was a place we had tried when they first opened, and Joshua wasn't a fan. To be fair though, we always try a place at least twice. It was right across the street from Home depot and an obvious spot for lunch. Joshua got a burger, and a cake batter shake that he and Pen shared. I got a hand made chickpea, spinach, and mushroom veggie burger with avocado and gouda. Holy amazing! Topped that with "fair fries" and you own my heart. We re super glad we gave this place a second chance!

    Pen was way over due for a nap, so while I laid her down, Joshua went, eagerly outside to get started. I left to go to the grocery store and returned to help as much as I could. Which, if we're being honest, wasn't much. (; This entire project wouldn't have happened without Josh. We still have a ways to go, and would like to add more here and there, but phase 1 of the flower bed project is complete!

    And of course I missed a Bumpdate post already, here's a little bump photo. I am currently 16 weeks! No, there's not a big black blog on my mailbox, Joshua smudged out our house number in case you were curious. Also, if you're wondering why the mailbox is sitting on the porch, well there was a situation with the lawnmower, and the mailbox. It's now back to it's usual place by the road.

    Not bad if I do say so myself. At least for now. It's a little on the tiny side, but sure enough more plants will be added in time. I mean, this is the typical "our first home" flower bed, right?

How was your weekend? 
Any plans for the one coming up? 

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