April 17, 2017

    Currently, I'm stuffing myself full of leftovers I managed to acquire over our busy, yet wonderful Easter weekend. My Yia's Green bean casserole, Mother in law's potatoes, and Joshua's aunt's key lime pie. I wish adults acknowledged nap time.

Saturday....Our Easter weekend started at his dad and stepmom's with food, family, and sunshine! Speaking of sunshine, anyone else's kiddos go insane over the weekend weather and forget how to walk? I swear Penny has like 3 new bruises on her legs and scraped both knees. Excitement?

    Josh and I are suckers for baby/ toddler clothes. Heck, I don't need to tell you that I've you've been here before. Pen's first Easter get-up is surprisingly from Walmart. Now and then, they have some super cute stuff for great prices! I was wondered about the fabric, but with all the falls, bumps and bruises, it survived the day just fine. 

Sunday....Despite some crazy winds, we still enjoyed so much of Easter Sunday. Our first afternoon stop, Easter with Joshua's family at his Aunt's house. There was salad.... I've been freakishly craving salad lately. I had three heaping platefuls of salad. #noshame

    Above is our first family photo with the bump, and so weird to think this will be the last Easter with just the three of us! Pen's second Easter dress is from Carter's. My dress is from Target's maternity section via website. Since my wardrobe is shrinking before me, I wanted to purchase a few pieces that could guide me through a summer pregnancy. This dress was seriously so comfortable! My only regret is I wish I would have had time to exchange it for a smaller size. This pregnancy has made my chest enormous, so I thought for sure the Large would fit perfect. The top is just a lot bigger than I'd like, and shows the sides of my bra. Nothing a cardigan can't fix, but it will be a problem in later months when it's too hot for a cardigan. 

    Pen and our nephew, RJ enjoyed some trampoline time. Don't worry, there are multiple adults in this photo that I just cropped out. (; The wind made the weather not too hot, not too cold, and perfect for an outdoor Easter egg hunt for the kiddos. 

    There wasn't any fighting over eggs. I'm as shocked as you. Between a three year old bossy pants, and a two year old who's sick of three year old's bossiness, neither of which had a nap, it very well may have been the most successful egg hunt in history. 

    After the toddler egg hunt and washing her filthy feet in his aunt's sink, we headed over to see part of my family for Easter dinner. Always room for more food, right? Green bean casserole for the win. 

    How adorable are these? I swear Penny ate like three of them? My aunt and cousin's creativity on display in my pale, dry hand. The evening went on to include a stereotypical family photo session, minus one cousin who lives out of town and couldn't make it. Does any one else's family do this at every get together? I can't say I mind though, it's nice to have the memories frozen in time. Easter part three coming this Saturday!!! 

How was your Easter weekend? 

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