April 19, 2017

    Old wives tales. Those somewhat laughable, old stories our grandparents and parents tell us when it comes to predicting the sex of your baby. At almost 16 weeks, we still have a ways to go before we find out what Baby Number 2 is, but today, I thought it would be fun to look back at my first pregnancy and see what Old Wives tales claimed I should have had.

Cravings: Salty or Sweet
- I craved nothing but orange juice while pregnant with Penny. However, craving citrus, is said to be a girl thing. 

Bump: High or Low
- I carried quite high with Penny. 

Morning Sickness: Yes or No
- I never once had morning sickness pregnant with Penny. 

Baby's Heart rate: Below 140 or Above 140
- Penny's was always high. 

Sleeping on: Left side or Right side. 
- Always slept on my right. 

Mood: Happy or Emotional
- Joshua says I was so cool and chill pregnant with Penny. 

Headaches: Less or More
- Never had headaches. 

Chinese Gender Predictor
- This is based on your lunar age at conception, and the month you conceived. So literally zero science behind it. Still, it was fun, and right for Penny. 

Mayan Gender Chart
- According to this, you take the year you conceived and your age at conception. If both are even, or if both are odd, it's a Girl. If not, then boy. With Pen I was 22 at time of conception (June; my birthday is in July) it was 2013, so this was wrong for me. 

Acne: Yes or No.
- Looking back at photos, my skin looked pretty good. Keep in mind I have very sensitive acne prone skin normally. However, it's so different from what I am experiencing now, that I'm giving this point to boy. 

Feet: Cold or No change
- My feet were totally normal last time around. 

Daddy's weight: Gaining or Maintaining 
- Joshua gained more weight than I did! lmao 

Skin: Soft or Dry
- My skin was dry. 

BOY: 4 GIRL: 8

We all know I had a GIRL! 
*Penny at 3 days old. 

What do you think? 
Were old wives tales accurate for you? 
Are there any you did that aren't on this list? 

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