March 31, 2017

    So long first trimester and hello second! In all honesty, I cannot believe this is my last official week in my first trimester! I want to say "where has the time gone," but as most of the first trimester left me nauseous and bleh, I can't say peace out any sooner.

    I'm going to attempt weekly posts like this; even if they aren't very long. Just a little something to update this pregnancy, and something I can look back on. I did the same for Penelope, but in a notebook not a blog. It's so nice to look back on how I was feeling and what I was thinking about with my first baby. Second baby has been so crazy different!

Baby is the size of a: Peapod (super accurate, food reference, right?)

Gender: We do not know the gender yet, though I have a feeling it is another little girl!

Mood: Still very tired, stuffy, but happy. The only making me not happy is my lifeless, growing too fast hair hat I plan on chopping off as soon as my cousin/ hair dresser returns from vacation.

Skin: My skin was great in the first trimester, all of a sudden, it's erupted!

Maternity Clothes: Basically everything stopped fitting around 10 weeks. Not because I had a "bump" but because my boobs have literally grown another size. All the blouses are too tight, and lots of tee shirts are too short. I have this heaping pile of clothing I get to go through in a year and decide if I still like any of it.

    So far, I've been loving the Liz Lange for Target line. My Target has a terrible selection in store, but online, you can always find great sales! It's crazy since last time, I wore my regular clothing through nearly all of my pregnancy!

Sleep: I've been sleeping really well actually and I think a lot of that is because we got a new mattress in February, and I purchased a pregnancy body pillow! I've been a left side sleeper this time around, whereas with Penelope, I always wanted to sleep on my right.

Symptoms: Finally, I think it's safe to say that morning sickness or that dreadful all day sickness is gone! I've been feeling a lot more awake and with it, whereas first trimester, it was all I could do to walk to the basement. I will not miss the early days this time around!

    Feeling lots of round ligament stretching and sciatic pain. I had crazy sciatic pain with Penelope, so I figured this was going to happen again.

Favorite pregnancy must have: At this current moment, by BeBand that I purchased at Target. I used this with my first pregnancy and I totally forgot how awesome it was! Just a stretchy piece of elastic with a grippy side to hold your jeans in place. WAY cheaper than buying maternity jeans!

Feelings: This pregnancy started out less than great, with some early on aversions, tiredness, etc. Nothing too crazy, but way different from my first. Things are started to wind down and little by little energy seems to be coming back. I actually cooked dinner last night! Spaghetti, nothing fancy, but poor Joshua has been playing the role of mom and dad lately as I've been tired, and just "bleh" this month.

    It goes without saying that I am actually quite big for just starting into my 13th week. It was something that started to concern me early on, as I didn't show with Penelope until week 19! There's no denying a baby this time around. I had an appointment last Monday and really, it's all normal with your second baby, as your uterus is already damaged and stretched. It already knows what to do this time, I guess. There's been jokes about "you sure there's only one in there" or "this baby is going to be huge." (Thanks mom) I think the biggest reason is due to how much water weight I was carrying in my abdomen when was pregnant with Penny. The way my doctor explained it to me last time, they determined actual weight gain (fat gain), to Penny's birth weight, and I was carrying around 17 lbs of straight water! I have no doubt that this time around that same thing is happening as I am quite large for only just entering the second trimester. Since I am not experiencing swelling anywhere else, and had a totally normal pregnancy last time around, there is no concern yet so long as I pass all my lab work. End paragraph of me explaining why I am so large already. haha

excellent photo quality brought to you by iphone and thunderstorms. 

How did your pregnancies differ from each other? 
Was your gut feeling on gender correct? 

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