March 29, 2017

    Time to reflect on my Winter Goals and see all that I did or did not accomplish over the last season. In my own life, I personally like to set goals seasonally as I feel like it allows me a realistic time line to accomplish and reward myself for those goals. Props to any of you who are monthly goalers, it was never something I could do. What did I accomplish over the winter months?

Penny's Room.... For real this time. It's snowing. Stay home and finish this!   I haven't shared this room reveal on the blog yet, because I'm having serious second thoughts about the floor. Really, the room is done, so I guess I can cross it off the list. 

Hallway.... When future me reads this, the hallway will have been a naked half wallpapered mess with 1960's style lights. Think Evil dead cabin type lights. Future me, PLEASE get this done by Spring! YES! With the exception of deciding what to hang on the walls, the painting and new light fixtures are good to go! 

Laundry room.... Come up with some sort system to organize the crazy mess of a laundry room I have. Yeah.... this didn't happen. If anything our laundry room has more junk in it than ever. 

Buy a dresser.... I wanted our bedroom to be the very last room (minus the kitchen) that we tackled, but man oh man is it getting hard to live without a dresser. Need to just commit to a dresser now and design the bedroom later. (; Nope. Still using two super attractive cardboard boxes to fold all our graphic tees and sweatshirts. 

Clean out the storage totes.... why not throw this on here. (; It's winter, after all, so maybe I'll accomplish something? I mean, this ended up being a little unrealistic once I got pregnant.

    Two out of five isn't terrible, right? Supposedly my energy will be returning in the next two weeks, courtesy of the second trimester, so hopefully I can get back on track. Realistically, there's a lot of things that need done that I if we don't get done before October, they will never ever get done with two kiddos in the house! Or, you know, be pushed off by several years! 

    For my Spring Goals, I'll be enlisting help from not only Joshua, but my siblings as well. The more man power the better, right? 

Laundry Room....Might as well put this one on here again. In addition to cleaning the laundry room, I'd love to fix a small crack in the utility sink that causes a very small amount of water on the floor every time we wash clothes.

Clean out storage totes & organize basement.... Not only do things need to be organized, they need to be donated. Seriously, we have SO MUCH junk. Time to get rid of it! 

Kitchen.... Construction is already underway for our kitchen! We're actually keeping our kitchen reno fairly affordable, by using the existing cabinets and counter tops. This way, we can put more money into a new sink, and light fixtures. Joshua and I have a lot of ideas! 

Finish bathroom project.... In Joshua's defense, most of the handy work involving the bathroom project is done. It took a little thing called compromise to get the bathroom project started, and now I really need to buckle down and finish the space! 

Yard work....Here's where the help comes in. I can probably clean out the flower beds. You know, standing upright, using a rake, and not bending at all. Other than that, pregnancy is very limiting to the amount of gardening one can do. Ever heard of toxoplasmosis? After decided what plants I want where, I'm going to buy all the tools, and get Joshua or my little brother to do all the handy work. I was most excited to do a flower bed when we bought our home, but that will have to wait just one more year. (; 


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