March 27, 2017

    Oh man, this poor poor little neglected space of mine. I wish I could say I have a reason for being so MIA, and really I have nothing. Other than feeling extremely uncreative. It's a phase. I feel like everyone with a lifestyle blog probably goes through this, and I too will prevail.

    As most of us know, Spring "started" last Monday. Which reminds me, I'm fairly certain I accomplished none of my Winter Goals, but I guess I should devote an entire post where I promise to do things over this next season. I don't know about you, but here, our first day of Spring, was anything but. I remember sitting here a week ago, glancing out the window at the flurries and feeling so empty inside. Except not so internally empty since I'm growing another human, but that's besides the point. After what seemed to be the longest winter ever, it seems that teeth chattering cold is, in fact, behind us.

    We spent much of the weekend with the windows wide open. The wind knocking things over didn't even phase me. Saturday Penelope joined her cousin and one set of grandparents for a fun outing, which left this momma with a ton of me time. I put makeup on (yes, on a Saturday). I went to Target. I forgot almost everything on my list, but still came home with Target bags (because, Target, duh). I even took a friend out to lunch for her month late birthday celebration. She then joined me by shopping around looking at kids clothing (bless her soul, she has no children, it really doesn't excite her). We just had an us day, and concluded it all with gourmet popcorn and cupcakes.

    To top off the amazing afternoon I shared with her, our friend who moved to Vegas was in town for a few days. She spent the evening with us. I made her a yummy home cooked meal, and we stayed up passed midnight! That's like a huge deal for me!

    Sunday morning I had one of those, I know it's warm outside before I even got out of bed moments.  Penelope had managed to sneak her way into my arms at some point in the early morning, and we all got ourselves together and went out for a little mom and pop breakfast. We said see ya til June, to our precious long distance friend, and spent most of the early afternoon outside. That is, until the crying and stomping started and I knew it was nap time. I too napped for like 40 minutes! Like, what was this weekend?! Great weather, zero obligations and I took a NAP?! For all I know, this could totally be some sort of trap and we're in for 12 inches of snow next week or something. For now, I'll take this semi-pseudo Spring as it is.

How was your weekend? 
Did you spend some time outdoors?


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