March 14, 2017

    It is time! After working on this little space for the last few months, it is finally ready for it's big reveal! Over time, there are still some adjustments we see happening in this dining space. Such as tearing down a wall (neither of them are supporting walls for the house) and adding some crown molding. For now, we are really happy with the way this space turned out in such a short period of time! Check out the befores!

    When we first moved in, this room looked more like a storage closet, and for a long time it was like a catch all for boxes and such as we attempted to put our life back together. When we started house hunting, a dining room was on my must list. I grew up eating at the dining room table with my family, and I wanted that same sense of family time with my own family. This dining room is a decent size, though we think removing one, or both walls in the future will give us that feeling we have always been looking for. 

    The table. Oh man this table. Literally probably the nicest gift anyone has ever given me. Our farmhouse dining room table was handmade as a wedding gift from my dad's best friend. I've know the man all my life, and when he told me he was making me a custom dining room table for our new house, of course I was ecstatic! The table serves as such a bold statement and gets us so many compliments that we sort of designed the rest of the room around the table. I wanted the rest of the room to be simple and let the table do all the talking.

    As a huge Fixer Upper fan, I knew for a fact I would want metal dining chairs to pair with the farmhouse table. To my surprise, one of my favorite home shopping spots delivered at an amazing price, and Joshua's mom and stepdad gifted us the dining chairs as a house warming gift. Not only are metal dining chairs super appealing to the eye, but they make for easy clean up when your spaghetti clad toddler decides to touch every single one of them. 

     On either side of the window, hang little galvanized lanterns I found on clearance at our local craft store. I thought they were adorable, and had originally wanted to hang them off the mantle. My original idea just didn't look right, so one day I came home, and Joshua had them hanging in the dining room. I loved the look and added some fake greenery to tie into the ferns and the greenery in the center piece. 

    We'll get to the weird center piece in a minute. The fern wall decor was designed by my amazing friend, Stephanie! I loved the look of botanical prints to brighten up a wall without being over the top so I asked her to come up with something and man did she deliver! Each fern/ leaf is one of a kind and hand drawn by her. She's currently working to build up an Etsy shop! 

    Our pendant lights are from Lowe's and from what I've seen on Pinterest/ Instagram, this particular one is pretty popular. The price is great, and for the most part it was pretty simple to install. (I mean, ok, I was the spectator). To go with the rest of the industrial feel, Joshua wanted Edison bulbs. I found this particular set on Amazon (no longer available) and honestly I'm not happy with them. They give off a very warm hue that makes the walls seemingly yellow in the evenings. The rest of our house has cool toned bulbs, so the lighting just feels off. Just a thought if you're considering Edison bulbs for your space. In the future we will be replacing these with a cooler toned option. 

    Finally the elephant in the room. Or the chicken? Basically Joshua hates this weird thingy, yet I love the crap out of it. What is it you might ask? Why a chicken feeder. A real life feeder for chickens and something I thought looked cool stuffed with artificial greenery. I get a ton of weird comments about it, and of course Joshua isn't a fan, so I'm not sure it will be here forever. For now, this is our centerpiece. Complete with cat hair, you know, because this is real life and I have two of them. 

    That concludes today's post and the blog's first room reveal since we moved last September! I can't wait to share more room before and afters with you as we settle into our space more and more. Crazy how something can go from this....

to THIS! 

Have you redone any rooms in your house lately? 
What room(s) did you do? 


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