March 01, 2017

    If you haven't seen our big news yet over on Instagram, you are probably wondering why I'm such a terrible blog friend. Did February even happen? Between nausea, planning a 3rd birthday party and the shortest month of the year, I realllly neglected this space of mine and the great friends I have made through it. I'm so sorry for that and slowly but surely, I'll be catching up with each of your blogs as fast as I can! (:

    In other news..... I have a three year old. How in the heck did that happen? Joshua and I both took some time off of work to make sure she had the best birthday ever. Having a February birthday is tough, there's just not a ton to do. We did some poking around of nearby towns and found an indoor play area with tunnels, slides, the works and it was just a half hour drive. Penelope loved it and played her little heart out until she could drag her tired feet no more.

we got her a helmet for her scooter and bike! 
    Last Saturday we had a huge birthday party for her at our house. Wouldn't you know the day before said party was beautiful, sunny, in the 70's. The day of her party, cold, snow. I mean I expected it. Never the less, we really did make the most of it and even though it was crazy and crammed, having all the people we love celebrate Pen turning 3, and the announcement of our next little bundle of joy, really made the chaos worth it.

Penny at 3!

Weight: 28 lbs!
Favorite Food: Potato Soup and Broccoli
Favorite Toy: Anything with pieces, like a doll house, or a set of calico critters.
Favorite drink: Water
Potty trained? YES!
Movie she's most into: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (we're working our way up).
Clothing Size/ Shoe Size: 3T/ 7!

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