February 06, 2017

    Pen is a gal of many words. More like a million words. This kiddo has been speaking in full sentences for months and every day is something new, and usually comical. I think it would be so much fun to continue this series and see all the crazy things she says. Here are some questions/ things I said to her and her reply.

we made each of the grandparents photo gifts that spelled their names. the random "A" photo above, is from that photo session. this photo just captures her goofy personality.

What's your favorite movie? 
A.k.a Jurassic World. I mean, I might be a horrible parent for letting her watch it in the first place, but I think it's funny she said this movie, when she's been on a Zootopia binge lately. 

What's your favorite color?

Do you have a favorite toy?
Cash register 
She does play with this, but if I were to guess her most played with toy of lately, it's Elena of Avalor backpack that she stuffs full of puzzle pieces, small Doc McStuffins figurine, and odd pretend kitchenware. Oh, and she tells us she's "going to school." 

Where does mommy work?
I do not work at Walgreens. 

Where do you work?
We have a friend who moved to Vegas and as brought back little Vegas souvenirs when she visits. So Pen pretends to work in Vegas. As totally inappropriate as that sounds. 

Do you like to play outside? 
Yes, I like to run around outside in my house. 
Confusing sentence, but she's talking about her playhouse. Which Joshua's dad built and she hasn't even played in it yet as it's winter here. 

Who's your best friend? 
Um, Sam and R-Day
Sam is our cat. She has slept in Penny's room since she was a baby. They have a bond for sure. In fact, Joshua and I heard Pen "talking" to someone while we were laying in bed the other night. It was Sam. "R-Day," is her cousin, RJ. 

What's your favorite food? 
Honey mustard and corn. 
She's been doing this weird thing lately where she talks about honey mustard all the time? 

What is your favorite song? 
She actually has a pretty awesome music taste on her own. I think she probably listens to what we like, plus the radio at the sitter's. We listen to Sia a lot on the echo dot while we clean up dinner. She loves that "Cheap thrills" song. 

Do you want mommy to have another baby? 
Yes. They can have my room. 
She means her old room, or the room we initially moved her into when we moved back in September. We knew we wanted to redo the room that would be her big girl room, and we are nearly done with the last few cosmetic touches. Now, we have an empty spare bedroom. I don't think she full understands what being a big sister means, but I think she's been around babies enough to know what they are.Surely that will be a big adventure when it comes to it! 

    So that's all the questions she'd answer before I lost her to the over active mind of an almost three year old. Oh man, did I say that? Is she seriously going to be three?! 

What outlandish things does your toddler say? 

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