February 16, 2017

    I went on this weird, unexpected social media break the first week and a half of February. I was trying to finish Pen's room and Joshua was tackling the hallway and bathroom projects. They are tthhiiss close to being done, but I almost forgot all about my January empties!

Here are the products I finished in January!

Suave Kids Purely Fun 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner- An affordable kid's shampoo and conditioner that doesn't contain parabens or dyes! Thanks Suave!

Would I buy it again? Yes! We actually repurchased it but in the citrus scent. Can't decide which one is better! ~$2.99 (there's ALWAYS a coupon for a dollar off!)

Skinny Dip Pink Paradise Body Wash Pure Romance *CF- Who knew Pure Romance sold bath products?! I sure didn't! My cousin became a rep a little over a year ago, so I got lots of bath products for the wedding and Christmas. This one is the first I've used up.

Would I buy it? This as a body wash was great. I didn't have any weird reaction to it, which is a huge plus with sensitve skin, the scent just wasn't my favorite. I'm not a tropical scent lover. (Shop through my cousin, Grace, if you want to learn more!)

Peroxicare Toothpaste - We're still using this same toothpaste.

Milani Eyeshadow Primer *CF *V - I purchased this because everyone said it was the top dog of the drugstore makeup word. In the past, I've always used Wet n' Wild's Eyeshadow primer. Both are great, and super affordable!

Would I buy it again? Probably, though for now I've gone back to the Wet n' Wild one. I actually don't know which one is better. Milani is slightly more expensive, but $7 is nothing when it comes to what we ladies spend in beauty products!

Sibu Seabuckthron Balancing Cleanser *CF - This is my second bottle of this stuff. I really like it and I know I'll repurchase it again!

Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara - I know you all have been suckered into one of those parties where some 40 year old woman teaches you how to apply makeup terribly.

Would I buy it again? I was presured into buying this mascara. It wasn't bad, but for $15, I wouldn't purchase it again. There are way more high end cruelty free options out there that work better for me.

Miss Spa Charcoal Sheet Mask *CF - Miss Spa released a few new sheet masks to my local Target. Of course I picked up my favorite, Hydrate, but I was really curious about the others.

Would I buy it again? I need to because I feel the more you use a particular sheet mask, the most you understand how and if it's actually doing anything for your skin. $3.99

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara in black *CF - I like to buy trial size mascaras unless I'm using a drugstore brand. I find regular tubes to dry out on me really quickly!

Would I buy it again? I really liked this mascara, so probably! (trial size, $10).

Crest Pro Health Kid's Toothpaste - You think buying something with Anna and Elsa on it would make your kid love brushing her teeth.

Would I buy it again? No. Pen HATES the way this stuff tastes. Brushing was always a nightmare with this stuff so never again! ~$3

What products did you use up in the month of January? 

*V products
*GF gluten free products
*CF not tested on animals

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