February 21, 2017

    Today I'm sharing another room before post on the blog featuring our main bathroom! I took these photos back in October shortly after we moved in, so this post has been a long time coming!

    A lot of the stuff in these bathroom shots follow us from the apartment. As most of you know, we lived at the apartment for two years before buying our first house last September, like most people who move house, we had a lot of hand me downs, and decor we'd collected over the years. The newness of owning your own home really makes you want to start fresh. At least for me, that seemed to be a reoccurring feeling throughout the house. I was tired of the same old same old, and really wanted to add new elements to our new space.

Our main bathroom is a pretty good size. The counter is very spacious, and I love the large mirror! Those were two huge aspects I knew I wouldn't change. In the wall, there's an odd shelving unit. Joshua and I are still unsure if we are keeping it, or pulling it down and installing open shelving like we have done in other rooms of the house.

    There isn't a medicine cabinet, but instead a closet (pictured far left) with multiple shelves. We keep all our towels, medicines, and most of our cleaning supplies in there.

    I don't know why but I found these knobs amusing. They are old, rubbed down from years and years of people grabbing at them. We're replacing them, but something about their character is oddly comforting to me. 

    In the photo above, you can see an odd in-the-ceiling type of light fixture that has a honeycomb design grate over top of it. The light it gives off is terrible. Since the fixture is in the ceiling, and not free hanging, it might be a challenge. Has anyone ever been in a similar situation? 

    Sadly the bonsai palm plant thingy has croaked since this October. I actually owe Joshua two new bonsai trees because my grand idea of "put them in the sun room" didn't work out like I thought it would. He has a birthday coming up. (; 

    In the photo above you can sort of see the toilet that came with the house. It was very low and awkward and the toilet would run and run after you'd flush it and someone would always have to go wiggle the handle to make it stop. We've since installed a new, higher sitting toilet we are both very happy with! 

    In a nut shell, that wraps up our bathroom before photos. I didn't take many photos. Actually, anytime you see this before posts, I took all the photos on the exact same day! I believe it was two weeks after we moved in, so there was a lot of boxes and chaos going on. It will make our reveal photos that much more interesting! 

Have you renovated a room in your home recently? 

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