January 24, 2017

    We aren't quite ready for a full on reveal of our living room. There's still a few pieces we know we'd like to add before we feel it's truly "done." Oh and touching up those itty bitty spots of paint that got on the ceiling wouldn't kill us either. However, there are several pieces of the living room I'm dying to share on the blog, so today, a little teaser.

    My mom surprised me with these candle pillars, from Lowe's as a Christmas gift. I can't find them online anymore, but they caught my eye when mom and I were browsing for Christmas trees in early December. I loved them, and they really add a lot of brightness to my mantle. The moss balls are from my local craft store.

    In addition to the shelves I talked about a few weeks ago, Joshua made 4 more shelves for our living space, and I was eager to style them. Over the weekend, Pen and I went to Pat Catan's (remember in a another post I said I live there). I found this little galvanized plant holder for $5 and knew exactly what I'd be doing with it. Since I have boxwood wreathes hanging on my wall over two hundred year old barn windows, I wanted to tie more green elements into other parts of the living room. I purchased a bunch of boxwood greenery, which was about $6 for a bunch of it, and cut it into individual pieces with a pair of wire cutters. I love how it turned out!

    The small bunch of boxwood greenery proved to be a good buy. After cutting it up, I was left with 8 stems that I used in both the living room and dining room. I love the pops of green around the overall neutral colors I have going on. The pitcher above, was actually a $1 Goodwill find and original yellow and covered with flowers. A few coats of gloss white spray paint and wah-lah, pretty shelf decor. Can't take credit for that idea, I found it here. It's a brilliant way to get the ironstone look for less!

    Moving right along with the boxwood greenery theme. In the same Pat Catan's trip, I found this adorable little topiary tree and knew it had to come home with me. I've seen these for sale everywhere for stupid prices. For a plastic plant! Seriously. This little guy was $11.99 and that's about all I think these things are worth. I love the look it adds to my mantle.

    A last living room detail I wanted to show was this little Welcome sign that is the first thing you see when you come in our front door. I actually purchased this three years ago at Target during a Halloween clearance. All Halloween decor was 70% off and apparently this counted as Halloween decor. ?? I scored it for $4 and it sort migrated all over the apartment. When we moved to the house, I wanted to display it near the front door, but it was a dull, wood color. I white washed it, and touched up each letter with the Minwax Special Walnut stain and hung it using a nail that came out of the old tack strips from the living room. It's just a old fashioned rusty nail, that quite possibly was original to the house, but something told me to use it.

A full reveal to come very soon! 
What's your favorite way to decorate?
Where do you love to shop for home decor?

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