January 18, 2017

    Something happened two weeks ago that left me in one of those whoa is me mom moments, rocking back and forth on the couch shamelessly shoving Ghirardelli peppermint bark into my mouth. It started that morning. I was getting Pen dressed like any other typical morning, and we were having an intricate discussion about who the muffin man really was. I find the easiest way to dress a toddler is to distract them. I got her socks on, R2D2, because I force all my own obsessions onto my kid, and reached for a simple pair of black slip on canvas shoes I purchased in the boys department at Walmart. Pen was just about to reveal who she thought the muffin man was, when she let out a big "ouch!" Immediately, I checked her shoe, like her toe had bent awkwardly, or something. Nothing seemed wrong, so again, I put her shoe on with the same reaction. Then, it hit me. Her shoes no longer fit. How in the heck does that happen over night?!

    I mean, she had been in a size 6 nearly a year, so the overall oh-my-she-needs-new-shoes thing wasn't really that shocking. The most shocking part was that my baby, my little tiny February baby was officially out of toddler shoes. Big Girl Shoes. Not the same statement as when they are 2, refuse to wear shoes, so you talk up a pair of shoes like they will make your kiddo a pretty princess or ninja warrior. Nope. We're talking actual I-had-to-go-to-the-little-girls-section, type of Big Girl Shoes.

    Naturally, I hit up Walmart. Say what you want about that place, but when it comes to shoes kids destroy, Walmart is my jam. They sell these little Ked look-a-like shoes and I bought pink and sparkly blue. I also bought her a pair of R2D2 slip ons in the boys section, because the child loves her droids, and see paragraph one. Target was my next stop and I managed to snag two pairs of shoes for under $9! (one is pictured above). Kid's Clearance, a mom's two favorite words.

    So why do you ask was I laying on the couch in a chocolate coma? Well, in a little over a month, I will have a 3 year old. Did you hear that? A THREE year old. How did this happen? Time happened, and it's going to keep happening. It took a pair of shoes to remind me to slow down. To memorize every facial expression she makes, laugh at all the meltdowns, and just enjoy her being little. Our life is going to be full of so many shoes and so many memories tied to those shoes. Now if I could only figure out the true identity of the muffin man.

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