January 27, 2017

    I'm not going to lie, there are days this guy pushes me to my breaking point. The biting. The never ending need to be in my face every time I'm at his level. The jumping. Oh man, the jumping. Never the less, I have learned a ton in these last few month as a dog owner, and those lessons are far from over. Oh, and even with all the crazy, there's not a second I regret making him a part of our family.

LESSON 1: Puppies can have reactions to vaccines just like babies - We're insanely lucky that Penelope has only ever had one bad reaction after getting her standard vaccine rounds from her pediatrician. She was three months old, and it was the first time she'd ever had a fever even. I was a terrified, new mom and the phone nurse at our doctors office talked me through it. It was such a scary day I remember exactly what Pen was wearing, and it's almost been three years. When Kylo had is appointments, I never thought anything of it. All puppies go to the vet. Until he started vomiting everywhere, and had a fever! I had no idea dogs could get fevers? It was awful. I rubbed his belly, gave him a cool bath and tucked him in bed with me. He shivered until he fell asleep in my arms, and I totally thought he was going to die that night. Frantic phone calls to the vet schooled me. Apparently dogs can have reactions to vaccines just like kids. Who knew?!

LESSON 2: Prepare for your kid to hate your new puppy - It's every kids dream to be surprised with a puppy, right? Wrong. When said puppy is knocking them over twenty times a day and stealing their toys, the kid tends to hold a bit of a grudge. It is getting a lot better. Pen will hug him and they will snuggle together on the couch. There are even a few nights he will sleep on her floor, but those first two months were tough!

LESSON 3: Am-to the-zon - If you've followed According to Kiki for some time, this lesson shouldn't surprise you. As much as I love going to the pet store and buying things that cost $7987907 that he will destroy in less than a week, Amazon saves my sanity, and my bank account. Toys on Amazon for pups are literally half the price of those at Petsmart or Petco. You're welcome.

LESSON 4: Never alone - Just when the toddler was growing out of the I-must-be-in-the-bathroom-with-you-while-you-pee phase, I now have a 50 lb 5 month old pup staring me down when I'm trying to do my business. In his defense, I guess I stare him down when I take him out.

LESSON 5: Cuddle so hard - I never ever wanted a dog to sleep in my bed. I thought it was gross and couldn't believe that was a normal thing for people to do. Amazing how becoming a dog owner can change you. Now, I literally get offended if he's not in my bed.

What has your dog taught you?

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