December 21, 2016


    Happy first official day of winter! Holy cow a ton has happened to me since I talked about my Fall Goals. I have a few long term goals in mind, that I want to set for myself to achieve over the entire year, but I think I'm going to include those in a separate post. Today let's talk about those fall goals and what I was able to accomplish since September!

Tolerance.... If at first twice you don't succeed. I sort of feel like this just needs to go with that New Year's goals list I'm going to post in a week or two. I mean, can we ever not get enough tolerance? I will admit I've been better. With most of the major stresses in my life wrapping up in the beginning of October, I think I have been more chill. More relaxed. 

Reading.... C'mon is one book too much to ask?! Finished Girl on the train! SO GOOD! 

Do something charitable....Someone very important to me passed away during my blogging break, and I have a post dedicated to her coming very soon. She was such a Godly, selfless woman and put a lot of her time into the local women's shelter. I want to find more ways I can help the women's shelter. She would want that, and I want to do that in her memory. Ok, so I can't really take full ownership for this, but Joshua worked with a charitable organization that deliver's blankets to homeless shelters in our city and he got our work place involved. So we have been trying to help collect as many blankets as possible. We also participated in a glove and hate drive back in November. 

New camera.... C'mon Christmas deals! Joshua surprised me last night with a new camera!!!! Now to binge read all of Amanda's camera how-to's over at Meet at the Barre!

Tattoo.... I'm thinking this will probably get neglected. Hahaha with what time?! 

Baths.... I'll be shocked if I do this, but can't hurt to throw it on here. (; I bathe my dog? 

Penny's Room.... This will be our first house project. Since we're moving an entire month later than we thought, I really want to get the ball rolling on some simple home things like flooring and painting. Renovations can come later, but we really want to have Christmas morning here and have all the Grandparents over. Oh man, this was hardly our first project. Actually we totally neglected her room up until a few weeks ago and still, it's only been painted. Our living room and dining room are done though! So does this count as accomplished? (; 

Living Room.... Again, Christmas morning antics. Done! Can't wait to share photos! 

Set up recycling station.... We have a little space in our garage I think would make for a cute little recycling station.  It's not cute, but man are we recycling nuts! 

Clean out the storage totes.... We have a lot of junk to go through. Old decorations, little things from high school. Clearly I don't need love notes little Jimmy wrote me in 5th grade. Don't you ever just look at stuff and wonder why on Earth you kept it? Yea, maybe next year? (; 

Meet Joshua half way.... I don't want to start this marriage, and this excitement in our new home with us arguing over paint, or living room furniture. I don't want to be a total control freak and ignore his vision he has for our home. I want to make it a point to listen to him, to meet him half way. I'd say we accomplished this. Overall, I think we are both really happy with the outcomes of both the rooms we would consider "done." He might comment below and totally disagree, but I think we've managed to keep our cool! 

    Now for winter goals. Some easy things I know I can realistically accomplish while the snow is falling and look back at this in the spring and feel totally rad about it. 

Penny's Room.... For real this time. It's snowing. Stay home and finish this! 

Hallway.... When future me reads this, the hallway will have been a naked half wallpapered mess with 1960's style lights. Think Evil dead cabin type lights. Future me, PLEASE get this done by Spring! 

Laundry room.... Come up with some sort system to organize the crazy mess of a laundry room I have. 

Buy a dresser.... I wanted our bedroom to be the very last room (minus the kitchen) that we tackled, but man oh man is it getting hard to live without a dresser. Need to just commit to a dresser now and design the bedroom later. (; 

Clean out the storage totes.... why not throw this on here. (; It's winter, after all, so maybe I'll accomplish something? 

What do you hope to accomplish this Winter? 

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