December 16, 2016

    There's a part of the cult classic Jim Carey Grinch movie where Cindy Lou asks the Grinch a question, who at the time, is impersonating Santa. This particular part of the movie always causes tears to well up in my eyes. This particular scene, little Cindy asks the Santa- Grinch, "What's Christmas really about?" He quickly responds, "Vengeance," before withdrawing behind a petty smile to say "presents." Cindy turns glum. She hangs her head low and replies "I was afraid of that."

    Pen is somewhat obsessed with this movie. Not that I mind, because it's probably my favorite Christmas movies. Elf running in a close second place. There's something about that scene though, that gets to me. Little Cindy Lou desperately wants the Santa- Grinch to give her some sort of assurance, that there's deeper meaning in the madness. 

    The story of how the Grinch stole Christmas is a classic. We all know how it ends. As adults, Christmas can be one giant blur. Endless shopping lists, events, cleaning for family parties. We forget to think about the real reasons behind it all. 

    I had expressed a few months ago wanting to do something charitable. I didn't know where to start, so at first, it was just making some donations to the local women's shelter. Then, Joshua brought an organization to my attention, which he ultimately got our work place involved in to collect new blankets for the local homeless shelters. 

    We collected over 50 blankets, and seeing the bin fill up before my eyes just reminded me what Christmas actually is. Christmas is a feeling, a place in your heart. As you run around this last week before the holiday, remind yourself that. Drop some change in the Salvation Army donation. Research local food and clothing drives. Do something, anything to make that tiny difference. I think we can all agree that 2016 was full of a lot of desperation and hate. Let's change that. Let's end the year with warm hearts and selflessness. 

How are you giving back and making a difference in your community this holiday season? 

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