December 07, 2016

    Sure, the bride's dress is the most gawked at garment at one of these shindigs. Everyone judges how the bride looks, what style she chose, etc, etc. When you're a mom first, and a bride second, things can be a little backward. Of course I wanted to feel amazing in my dress, but let's not forget the reason I even bought a wedding dress and had a wedding in the first place.

    Pen's dress was the result of her being the only girl grandbaby in a sea of boys (on her Papaw's side). Her "Papaw," Joshua's stepdad, asked us if he could buy her a dress for Easter. I happily said yes and when it arrived, I was speechless. Instantly, it brought tears to my eyes and I knew that it was meant for more. I talked more about it back in March.

    I didn't want some fancy, poofy wedding gown. That was the last thing I saw myself in. In fact, I even toyed around with wearing a colored "wedding dress." Perhaps my inner Blair Waldorf dreams? Tradition wasn't the way to go in our case, and I went into wedding dress shopping with zero expectations. It only took us two stores and less than ten dresses to find this one. The best part? This dress was less than my car payment. Who says you need to spend thousands on a dress you wear one time? I felt beautiful.

    I chose this particular color, champagne, due to the bow of Penny's dress. When I was dress shopping, Penny's dress is what I was thinking of the entire time. I was a backwards bride, and really not focusing every aspect of the wedding on me turned out to be a blessing.

    Those who know me and read often are 100% aware of my gross love for all things Amazon. Chances are if I can buy it on Amazon, I will. Prime has me all kinds of bewitched. (; My sister's dress, yep, you guessed it, Amazon! Was it a total whim? Of course. My sister hates dresses and anything that isn't jeans and a sweatshirt. Getting her to a store to try on a dress was next to impossible to do. Sending myself a dress and tricking her into trying it on, was the best way to make sure she wasn't walking down the isle in the nude. A few minor alterations, and my sister felt as comfortable as a anti-dress gal could.

    When I look back at these photos I feel nothing but joy. As I state above, not focusing on all the "me" aspects of this wedding, really made it into the amazing day it was. It made it feel more celebratory than obligatory, and I'd have it no other way.

    I have a few more wedding related posts to share, but as we get further and further away from the day we were married, I feel them getting more annoying and less exciting to read. I don't want to be that blog that shares wedding posts a year after her wedding. Thank you all for the insanely nice comments!

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