December 02, 2016

    Today I thought I'd share another room we started working on, Penny's room! Last month, I shared before photos of our living room and dining room and while both are pretty much "done" I decided to hold off their final reveal until all the holiday decor made it's way back into the basement. That way when I share the after photos, it will reflect what our space will look like on an everyday basis. 

   When we moved in at the end of September, we moved Pen's things into the "spare" room as we knew redoing her room was at the top of the to-do list. We hadn't even been in the house a full week when Joshua pulled up the royal blue carpet that blanketed all this beautiful flooring. We were relieved to find the original hardwood floors in great condition. When we purchased the house, we were under the impression all the rooms had hardwood under the carpeting, and that was only the case for the bedrooms and hallway. Still, the floor being in great shape saves us a lot of money!

    I asked Penelope what color she wanted her room, after all, it's her room, right? I thought if she gave me an idea to work with, I'd be able to come up with something I liked and she would love. She told me pink, and pink is what I went with. I talked a little bit about our paint woes in Monday's post, but all is good now and we are moving forward with her room redos. I can't wait to share the finished project! 

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