December 30, 2016

    Reading last year's Open at the Close , 2015 wrap up post was a little depressing. It was an extremely sad year for me in many ways and I was so ready for 2016 to make it all better. It's literally insane to sit here and type away, thinking about all 2017 will bring me. I love blogging. I love looking back at a year ago and reading how I was feeling, the things I liked. I blog for me, first and foremost, and that aspect of this blog will never change. So, future me, reading this on the very last day of 2017, today, you are insanely happy; 2016 was great to you.

    Last week, I touched on my seasonal goals, the third time I have done a seasonal goals post, and it's going really well. I don't see myself stopping those types of posts anytime soon. They give me a sick sense of accomplishment, and today, I wanted to discuss some of what I am challenging myself to do not only during the hermit, winter months, but for the entire 2017.

Read! - Twelve books in the year 2017 doesn't seem like that many books, but man do I get busy! Between work, my pinhead of a social life, family things, and raising a toddler, there's only so many hours in one week. One book a month? I can totally do that, and maybe I'll read more than that, but the goal is at least twelve in the next twelve months. Oh, and more blog content?! I'll be giving little run downs of each book I complete. With little warnings at the beginning in case I let anything slip!

Write! - My goals sort of make me feel like I'm being forced back into high school. I've briefly mentioned it on here before. I'm writing a book. I need to finish the book. Need to! I've been writing it for over three years! This is the year I finish!

Update - I don't want to change my overall blog look, because I truly think the clean, easy to look at page is satisfying, but I want to update several aspects of it. I coded the thing myself.

Get involved- I want to find something within my community we can participate in as a family. Whether it's a fundraiser, or something smaller, I'm open to anything I can find.

Health- I truly believe you can never work on this too much. Drinking more water, getting more hours of sleep, upping my raw veggie intake, there are so many things I can do.

Neighborly- Joshua has met more of our neighbors than I. It doesn't help that when I get off work, it's dark. The last thing I want to do is knock on someone's door in the dark. I need to be more neighborly though and work on formerly introducing myself to our neighbors this year. Especially once the weather is nice!

SAVE!- Our savings account is looking a little sad lately. With the home, wedding and holidays hitting back to back, this last chunk of the year took it's toll financially. I really want to get on an active savings schedule and find more was to budget so that we can put more money into the house this new year, and start saving for vacations the following year.

What are some goals/ resolutions you have set for yourself?

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