December 27, 2016

    I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas 2016! We sure did and I've got lots of photos on my NEW CAMERA to share with you! I'm still trying to learn the ways of this thing, so some of these are a little "eh." I swear my photo game is about to be a heck of a lot stronger. (;

    Our Christmas festivities began Christmas Eve afternoon when we all gathered at my Yia and Poppie's house. This is a tradition we've been doing for years! Our families keep growing, and we keep on packing the house full. Heck, they even finished their basement last year just for more space! It's a crowd, but I wouldn't want to have it any other way.

    Kiddo wasn't feeling the photos. Do they ever? (; haha. There was a ton of bribery going on out of frame, but still those pearly whites were hidden. Story of life with a toddler, right?

me and Joshua, Ryan and Grace, Hannah and Josh.
    Since two out of three couples got married since last Christmas, we are just guessing the days until Josh (far right, yes, his name is Josh too) and Hannah break the news. (; No pressure or anything, I mean I sound harsh, but they've only been together a billion years.

    We spent the rest of Christmas Eve at Joshua's Aunt and Uncle's house. I may have consumed one too many cookies, and chips. I mean, I cannot resist a good dip and it's like these people know that. I swear I devoured half a Spinach dip all by myself! Penny loved helping her Mamaw sort through the gifts and take them to people.

    Our nephew, RJ will be two in March, and didn't quite get that you're supposed to play with the toys, not the boxes. (; Penny and RJ's Papaw didn't make the box any less interesting by "driving" it around the carpet.

    Finally, it was Christmas morning. I was grumpy, I'm not going to lie. Grumpy and stressing out over if we had enough food. Stressing about how trashed the house was going to get and how my dog wanted to annoy everyone all morning. Everyone survived, and I had a stupid amount of leftovers.

    I think at least once, all parents buy their kids something they secretly want for themselves. This year, it was Torch. The adorable Fur Real friends Dragon that actually "breathes fire." I was satisfied to see Pen actually liked it and she keeps talking to him while he's across the room. This morning she said "Torch, are you hungry? I can't find your marshmallow." Don't worry, mommy located the missing marshmallow.

sibs + Joshua, + Penny

    Our typical in front of the tree photo at my Aunt and Uncle's following our first Christmas morning in the house. I was so tired I refused to "do" my hair, and to my surprise it turned out pretty great anyway. Maybe I should stop "doing" my hair?

    My aunts is always the most exciting part of Christmas. It's super laid back and only the kids get gifts. The adults do a gift exchange every year, and we always laugh until we cry and people come up with the goofiest gifts. This year, I got a ridiculously soft blanket, that just so happens to match my current couch blanket. Win win!

    We were so lucky to have yesterday off as well and finished the long Christmas weekend with dinner at Joshua's dad and stepmom's house. They were in Cancun on actually Christmas (the poor souls), hence the day later celebration. In past years, they joined us Christmas morning. (:

    Because sometimes I need proof I'm actually in attendance at family functions (life of the woman behind the camera), Joshua snapped this very awkward photo of me and Pen mid sentence. I was trying to digest a zillion pounds of cheesy potatoes and red velvet roll. Did I mention my pants are too tight today?

    Joshua's dad is insanely handy. For decks, to toy boxes, I'm fairly certain there's nothing he cannot build. Before we bought the house, Penny's response to "what do you want for Christmas," would always be: "a house." We sort of took that as a challenge and in those few months of stress and bad news, I feel like hearing her voice say that, only made us fight harder. Now, she will really be getting her own little house. This is just a sneak peak photo until the final reveal, but come Spring time, kiddo is going to have a huge playhouse in the back yard!

    I hope everyone reading this had an amazing Christmas weekend, and that blessings continue throughout this final week of 2016. As I type this, I have just been informed of the passing of Carrie Fisher. Those who know me, know of my deep love for Star Wars. When I got the news, I was frozen. I couldn't even get out of my car. Hold all your loved ones as close as you possibly can. <3

How was your Christmas? 
What was your favorite gift you gave or received?

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