December 05, 2016

    Ah weekends. I love them, but I hate how fast they go. I mean, I may be counting down the hours until next weekend, but here's a quick weekend rewind! (:

kylo looks fake in this photo

Friday... A few weeks ago, I found someone on Craigslist of all places, to build a custom picture table for what I refer to as "the awkward wall," in our living room. Our living room has a lot of wood elements and I knew something white washed would be a nice contrast. The initial pick up of the table was your typical "are you a serial killer," type situations, and once both parties realized the other was legit, we were fine. I am so happy with this table, I already have ideas of other things I'm going to ask him design for us! After the holidays of course. (;

Saturday... Pen went to breakfast with Santa with some family, and I left all day. For real, my girls day had me getting home after 9 PM and I felt awesome. I got a ridiculous amount of Christmas shopping done, and had a blast doing it!

    The girls and I started the day at Core Life Eatery. A healthy lunch spot with grain bowls and soups. I opted for a spinach and srircha tofu salad with wild rice tossed in and chopped avocados. It was AMAZING. I'm not sure if they are a chain, but I highly recommend! We waltzed around the mall before malling ourselves out and winding up at Old Navy, and of course, Target. Where I did the bulk of my shopping. I mean, I drove over an hour away to shop with my friends to only shop at a new to me Target. What is my life?

Sunday...Because I'm obsessed with my child, I totally picked up some booties (psst they are actually slippers) that look just like hers. Yes, I have become one of those annoying I-match-my-toddler kind of moms, and I love it.

    We got our hair cut (see above photo where my child could hardly see the day before) and did some typical monthly grocery shopping. I actually felt like our weekend was way more eventful before I sat down to type this and clearly I can't recognize my own lameness.

How lame was your weekend? (; 

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