December 12, 2016

    We got quite a bit of snow over the weekend which began Friday afternoon. I knew we were in for a pretty uneventful weekend, but it was another much needed break from the work week.

Friday... Hello festive new wreath! My friend Kayla made this lovely addition to my ever growing wreath collection. Most of which came from her! I swear I need more doors. (;

    We had a quiet night in with baked tacos, and a scary movie once we put Pen to bed. We watched Ouija, which was parts good, parts lame. I give the story line a B+ and the overall scare factor D+? Joshua and I don't scare like we used to. Not to mention a ton of the Hollywood horror movies are snooze fests. Ok, I'm breaking away from weekending here.

Saturday... Joshua unfortunately had to work, but Pen and I joined her Nana and cousin Riley for Breakfast with Santa. We got to decorate donuts, throw snow balls in Frosty's hat, and make ornaments. Pen loved it and was so worn out she took a three hour nap afterwards!

    We had a lot of visitors Saturday night including my parents who were nearby, a friend and her daughter, and Joshua's stepbrother who was in town for the Cleveland vs. Cincinnati game.

    I don't know about you, but snow and soup just go hand in hand for me. I made an enormous crock pot full of broccoli cheese soup that left us with happy bellies and lots of leftovers!

my pretty Sammi. <3 SO thankful she is ok!
Sunday...Some time in all the visiting hoop-lah, our large twenty something pound cat slipped out one of the doors (I'm guessing the garage door). She loves to sleep in the laundry room, so not seeing her Saturday nigh, wasn't a huge surprise.  The next morning, I was cleaning litter boxes, filling their food and water bowls, and something just felt off. She always comes running if she's sleeping in the basement and hears me come down. She didn't. I looked everywhere and could not find her. I called her name and heard a very faint meowing. I looked up, and in horror saw her looking through the basement window from outside! I screamed and Joshua and I ran out to get her. She is ok, but the thought of something happening to her killed me! Never will I ever go to bed without looking for both of my cats again. She slept most of the day yesterday and just wanted a ton of attention afterward. I still feel terrible and can't imagine how scared she was!

Here's to the last full work week of the year!!! 

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