November 02, 2016

    Blogging has introduced me to so many amazing people over the last three years, and for that reason alone, I will never ever stop. Not only has it given me the creative outlet I so desperately desired when I initially began, it brought me to someone that freakishly understands my every thought.

This someone, is Stephanie.

    This morning was rough. I woke up, after being up every hour last night. I cracked a nail, right down the middle in the painful, please-just-cut-it-off type of way. I  took the pup out, fed the pup, and took him out again. I poured coffee, and walked into the bathroom and rooted around the darkness for the light switch, hoping the awful smell that filled my nose was from Joshua forgetting to flush the toilet. Instead, I was met with a nice, fresh pile of pup-poo. I gave him the stank eye and promptly cleaned it up before continuing my morning antics. I woke Penny to get her ready, only for her to fight me the entire way to the car. I fought through the massive piles of papers that are taking over my purse, for what ever reason, in attempts to locate my keys. Of course the keys were in my pocket. I loaded everything into the car, and got myself in, only to realize I'd forgotten to turn the garage light off. Back out I went, and my ballet flat propelled itself 2 feet away from me, and I one-legged it over to the light switch before retrieving my shoe.

    When I placed Pen's diaper bag down on my grandma's kitchen table, I just lost it. I've had a cold for almost to weeks, and on top of not sleeping, endless home to-do lists, and regular life, I'm exhausted. Exhausted in a way that I'm not sure you can cure with sleep. In a way that pots, yes pots of coffee aren't helping. I got to work and let out of of those long sighs. I was feeling very woe is me until I stumbled onto a beautifully written piece, titled Five Things To Quit Right Now written by my brilliant friend, Stephanie, on her blog,

    When I have bad days, I tend to feel like no one else has bad days. It's a selfish habit and I need to give myself a reality check. In the post, Stephanie talked about feeling uninspired and down on herself over the last few months, and Tumblr helped remind her of little things that once sparked her creativity.

    Her post focused on a photo labeled Five Things to Quit Right Now. Out of these five things, one in particular stood out to me. Especially in my cat-a-mom-ic (yes, I'm copy writing that) state I was in this morning, because she told me to stop.

no. 2. stop focusing on too many goals at one time 


    As if I need to admit my life has been one giant to-do list for the last several months. Before house, it was wedding, and so on. I get that it's just a part of growing up and taking on new responsibility. I get it, but having a cold, trying to get things done, dealing with toddler-isms and the pup, I admit I am beat. I'm tired in a way I have never been before, and it took me reading Stephanie's post to realize why.

     Following my morning grandma's house breakdown, I came to work, and ripped two to-do lists into a zillion pieces and tossed them in the trash. Our very best advice comes from our friends. Listen to them. Learn from them, and grow with them. We are better when we can go through things together.

Do you have the tendency to overwork yourself? 
How do you deal with those moments?

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