November 28, 2016

    We survived Thanksgiving 2016 after eating our way through 4 of them. Yes, 4! This was my first vegetarian Thanksgiving, since making the decision to cut out all red meat and poultry meat from my diet back in January. For a holiday all around eating an enormous bird, it was a lot easier than I thought.

Thursday... On actual Turkey Day, we headed to Joshua's grandma's to surprise her with some early morning help. She's older, and can be a bit stubborn, but to my surprise, she actually let me help a lot, and I felt really great about it. Since I wasn't participating in the turkey eating, I made my own little vegetarian Thanksgiving casserole to add to the festivities. The way I eat is strictly my choice, and in no way would I ever expect someone to cater to that choice. When we have family get togethers, I'm always more than happy to bring something I can eat, and others can try. I didn't want to scare everyone with the infamous To-furkey (they aren't quite ready for that) so I opted for a simplier Thanksgiving approach.

Pen not letting RJ down the slide... 
Side Loving Casserole ~ My first vegetarian Thanksgiving.

    Ogres, onions, and all fun things have layers, right? Casseroles are no exception, and chances are if you're a mom, you've tackled a casserole or two.

Layer 1: Flaky biscuits. Layer 2: Green Beans, Cream of Celery (or mushroom), salt, pepper, cayenne (because I use this in everything),  french onions. Layer 3: Corn. Layer 4: Round red potatoes, baked and smashed flat. Places potatoes across the top of the casserole. Layer 5: Cheese, because people go ape over cheese and more french onion. Bake for a half hour, or until biscuits bubble and broil for ten minutes so the smashed potatoes are crispy! 

we all wore flannels because we're that lame... 
    The day went on with everyone showing up on time in great moods. We finished up with Joshua's family and headed to my dad's mom's around dinner time for round two. I was stuffed full of Casserole-a-la-Kiki and opted for just the desserts. We played Cards Against Humanity and laughed until we cried. This year's Thanksgiving was one for the books. No drama and genuinely happy family members.

Friday... After a lazy morning, my sister came over and started to help me paint Pen's room. For now, she's in the spare bedroom while we fix up her forever room. I purchased paint, in the color Cosmetic Blush, from Sherwin Williams several weeks ago, and assumed it was what I wanted. After painting three walls of Pen's room, we threw in the towel and I accepted the paint for what it was. White. Expensive WHITE paint. I wanted light pink.....

    Why not go paint shopping on black Friday, right? Thanks to my sister who puts up with anything, we found another paint, this time actual pink (per Penny's request) and over the course of three days, I got the entire room painted. It's a little more "whoa- pink" than I wanted, but I think once all the furniture and off setting colors are in there, the in-your-face pink color will be less crazy.

    We finished off Friday night with tacos and a puppy play date, as our friends brought their Australian Shepard over to play with Kylo. I love a good worn out pooch. (;

my first Magnolia Market purchase arrived!

Saturday... I'm some what of an online shopping addict. I was ecstatic when my first ever Magnolia Market home decor purchase arrived a week earlier than expected. You'll see more home decor things very soon and I'll see many more of these boxes on my porch!

    Two more Thanksgivings were in store for us and Joshua had to work. I headed to Thanksgiving number one around noon, and Joshua joined shortly after. One of my mother in laws makes THE BEST green bean casserole, I swear! I think I had about 3 plates of it? Don't get me started on her homemade pumpkin roll and red velvet roll.

    After digesting at his dad's, we headed to my aunts for more food where my casserole make it's second appearance. I filled up on more green bean casserole and regretted the decision to wear jeans real quick.

do you see the hot dog dog toy under the couch? (; 

Sunday... The last day of the nice, long break was a basic clean and relax type of day. Last Monday, our washing machine broke, and it picked the perfect week to do so. With all the great black Friday sales, Joshua found a deal at Lowe's and they delivered it yesterday. It's already tackled 4 loads for us!

    Joshua also hung my windows and I decided to snap a little sneak peak of our living room reveal, that I'll be doing after the new year. I cannot wait to share!

How was your Thanksgiving break? 

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