November 07, 2016

    I mean, if you really don't feel like reading this post where you know I'm going to ramble and take way too long to tell you what I did over the weekend, then the title pretty much sums it up. I thought by using this insanely adorable photo of Joshua and Pen laying in the leaves would be enough click bait to get you here.

Saturday... I literally got the best news ever when I found out one of my very best friends, Angela, that lives far away was coming to spend all of Saturday with me. We've been friends for years, and no amount of separation dulls our friendship, I knew we'd have an amazing day before she even got there.

    She loves where I live and every time she visits, we hit up local food spots. After making her tag along with me to the grocery store, we headed to a new joint called BAM Healthy Cuisine for lunch. I ordered a spinach wrap with crispy tofu, tomato, sprouts, and avocado. I also got a vegan protein shake with avocado, banana, and spinach.

    When Angela and I got back to my house, we were met with the very best surprise visitor, my nephew, Joshua's grandma, and one of my mother in laws. It was a full house when my sister dropped by, as well as my mom and one of her friends. My neighbors must think we're the party house. (;

    After feeling drained last week, the mom-bra was in full go mode Saturday. You know, that comfy too-big-on-you stretched to China and back, discolored, never let anyone see under garment that feels like your girls are in some sort of miracle blanket? I mean, it's down right ugly, and not at all supportive, but some weekends need to be mom-bra weekends, right?

Sunday...Kylo may look terrified in this photo, but really, he was exhausted. Joshua's mom has a dog, and since we want them to grow up familiar with one another, Joshua has been taking Kylo for play dates once a week. While Pen was napping and I was doing 50 million loads of laundry, they went on their puppy date. All he wanted to do was sleep!

     Joshua returned from his puppy play date, and to my surprise, our friends Kayla and Dan showed up unannounced and offered to help us clean up the leaves in our back yard. Now if you read this post, from last week, you know that their tiny little gesture meant a million times more than it ever should. With the four of us, it took less than 20 minutes, but that 20 minutes and that little thing crossed off  my to-do list just took the biggest weight off of my shoulders. My friends are the best.

    Oh, and can we talk about this weather?! Hello November! Seriously beautiful, clear blue skies and 60 degree days? I'll take it!

How was your weekend? 

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