November 14, 2016

our most recent Kylo picture, photo credit: Joshua

Guys, we made it. That one month mark with Kylo. From ups and downs, to remembering a small piece of my own baby advice, we find ourselves here and it's crazy how much has changed in just a month.

    When I think back on the first few days with our daughter, Penny, more specifically, nights, I remember how crazy I felt. There's a time you question your sanity right after having a baby. It's usually between the day you bring your bundle of joy home and establishing a doable schedule or system. Once that first month is over, you're golden. As long as you've worked your butt off that first month making sure you stick to said schedule. If I have one piece of advice to give expectant moms or moms who are having that crazy moment, it's that. If you can make it through that first month, you've got this. I should have listened to my own advice, I guess I never realized puppies are exactly the same.

snapped this picture of them on Saturday night when I went into Pen's room to check on her. 

    Ok, I lied. Puppies are HARDER. Your newborn baby wont make you stand out in the pouring down rain at 2 am in 30 degree weather, and cry because they don't like the rain, but need to go to the bathroom anyway. Your newborn baby wont step on your face in the middle of the night and cut your forehead with their claws. Your newborn baby won't eat cat poop (at least I hope not), and eat their way through a plastic crate. Oh, yes, that last bit just happened to us, continue on.

    We were trying, and failing at crate training. Puppies chew, and I didn't want him chewing his way through all the renovations we've just done, and are currently doing, so we did the mean old owner thing, and stuck him in a crate. The first couple of weeks were fine, minus the screaming as I left for work every morning. Yes, screaming.... like a kid. Then, all of a sudden, he was having accidents. Every. Single. Day. It got to the point it was starting little arguments between Joshua and I. Taking apart a dog crate and bathing your dog every single day will do that to you, but still I wasn't willing. Until last Friday.

the very first picture we ever took of him. 

    Joshua text me when he got home from work, which is right around when I take my lunch. I called him and he ask me if I meant to leave the dog out this morning. Obviously not, and of course you know the end to this story if you read above. To our surprise, there were no accidents, nothing chewed and he was just chilling on the kitchen floor. We tried again Saturday for a few hours while I ran errands, and again Saturday night while we attended a surprise party, and no accidents. Sunday was equally successful, when the three of us left him for a little impromptu home decor shopping trip. If you told me a month ago I was going to let my dog roam around my house during the day, I would have laughed in your face. I feel terrible for sticking him in that crate to begin with and I hope he forgives me.

taken the week after we got him. he's changed so much!

    We still have a long way to go. He sleeps with us, and I'm not thrilled about it, but he also sometimes sleeps with Penny. We still have a long way to go with other obvious puppy behaviors, but this little guy has totally melted my heart. From the very first photo I saw on him, I just knew he was my dog. As someone that has always considered herself a cat person, I am still a little shocked at my feelings toward this puppy. I love him, like he's another kid, and I never thought I would. I guess I'm a dog person after all.

How did you adjust to life with a puppy or dog? 

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