November 09, 2016

    Perhaps this post is socially inappropriate and perhaps I'll get lots of mean comments and even lose a follower or two. Sadly, I do not care. I want to share how I am feeling today. After all, this is According to me, right?

    Yesterday I cast my vote for who I thought was better fit to run the country I love. From the very first time I was able to vote, back when I was a senior in high school, the act of voting has always been a super emotional experience, and I have voted every chance since. I love this country, I love being an American.

    Today, I woke up to a very "un-American" world. Social media has been a terrible place for the last year and, more so this morning. I've seen comments from one person to another "If you voted for Trump, you should go hang yourself," and from the opposite end, "that b*&$@ got what she deserved." Call me old fashion, but since when did we become so un-American?

    No matter where you're reading this today, you're most likely effected by the election of 2016. Some are overjoyed and others fearful. I have to admit when I woke up this morning, I was one of those fearful Americans. It took me a few minutes of soul searching, and watching Mr. Trump, our President- elect, give his speech to calm my ever imaginative mind. Fearful? Scared? It was I who was feeling un-American and I put a stop to that immediately.

    When we say we are afraid, what exactly are we afraid of? The answer to that, is uncertainty. We are afraid of what we cannot predict. We are afraid of change, and to this day it is the biggest crippling factor of mankind.

    I knew when I came to work today, that I would be in the most awkward work place setting imaginable. I told myself that I am better than my feelings, and most importantly, better than others my age who are struggling coming to terms following this historic election. I will not riot. I will not light my beautiful country's flag ablaze and attack police officers. I will not run around topless with the wrong doings of other's scribbled upon my flesh. I will not attack my friends, my family, who feel differently, because to me, there is noting more un-American.

    Instead, today I will learn. I will read. I will listen. I will display the American flag on my desk like I have for so long. I don't care who you voted for yesterday. On this day, that is irrelevant and as we plan for our next president, my main focus is to hear your side. To hear the things during the campaign trail I chose to avoid. Or better yet, that the media chose to not touch base on. I will accept Mr. Trump as the 45th President of the United States and only remain hopeful for my future. And with this hope comes the responsibility to educate myself and to do all I can for the country I love. 

"Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." 

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