November 30, 2016

    Not to sound like a scrooge, but Christmas is very much "Joshua's holiday." He decorates. He buys new decorations, puts them up and tears them down. My job? Simply to admire them for a month. This year was especially a struggle for me. After all the painting, flooring, and handy work, I just wanted to decorate. Before I knew it, Christmas decorations happened and in the blink of an eye there was a tree up. I went with it and knew that once he started, he wouldn't stop and my decorating ideas would just have to wait until January.

    He came home from the thrift store one evening with a bunch of tacky Christmas decorations.  Little trees, garland, and the elusive ceramic villages. You know, the ones your grandma would put up. Not to offend anyone, but this was so not my thing. When I saw the sticker on the bottoms of the miniature houses, I felt a little less annoyed. He paid $2 for the most expensive one and I got an idea where we could both win.

dark after photo brought to you by Joshua's cell phone and daylight savings time

    "Can I paint these?" I think he agreed in some attempt to make me love Christmas decorating. Whatever the case, he obliged and we picked up some Krylon Glitter Blast spray from Michael's. Unfortunately, the first can stopped spraying in seconds, and the second can only covered three houses. Not ideal, and I wouldn't recommend this particular brand. There are zillions of other brands.

    Joshua did the spraying in the garage a top a trash bag. Within twenty minutes we had pretty, sparkly ceramic buildings for our mantel!

Have you done any holiday DIY projects? 

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