October 31, 2016

    "Who the hell get's married on Halloween?" To quote the 1994 cult classic film, The Crow, my parents. Yes folks, my parents married 24 years ago, on Halloween. Not only did they have a Halloween wedding, my dad was also born on Halloween. My mom says they did it so he "never had the excuse to forget." Whether or not this was serious, I've never confirmed.

    As I look back on their 24 years of marriage (parts I can remember at least) I'm reminded, and confident about my own marriage. To be honest, my parents had no idea what they were doing when they tied the knot 24 years ago today. They were just kids themselves and had me to thank for sweeping them off their feet.

    I've shared this before, but after I was born, to the two little scared teens that were my parents, they actually went "on a break" to make sure they weren't together for the wrong reasons. I really respect that, and for being just kids themselves, I think that was such a mature thing to do. As the story goes, you all know that in the end, love was all they needed and 24 years later, love is still making it work. My parents are still the butt-touching, winking-at-one-another-from-across-the-room kids they once were and I have never been so happy about it.

    Today, my dad turns another year older. As I get older, birthdays get bittersweet. I actually hate how aware I am of that little thing called time. I hate thinking that birthdays, even with my very young parents, are fleeting. As negative as that all sounds, my heart is so full of love for him and I am so happy to have my dad in my life. Cherish your parents!

Happy Halloween, and a very Happy Birthday to my dad and Happy Anniversary to my parents!

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