October 27, 2016

    When I finally made the commitment to having a real walk-down-the-aisle wedding, I knew I'd either want it in September, or October. Since I decided this in March of this year, I was willing to take whatever was available. The historic village of Zoar had always been that place, in my hometown. That place we'd be forced to take a zillion field trips to, or that place where we'd take Homecoming photos. Zoar is no longer just a place, it's now a part of me.

    An October wedding meant we had to have pumpkins. I mean, you think October you think pumpkins, right? It just goes hand in hand. My mom and her friend actually made all the decorations for the wedding, so everything you're seeing in these photos is original to our wedding.

    If you've been to a wedding in the last several years, chances are you've seen these little wood rounds as a part of someone's center pieces. If you've never seen it in person, I bet Pinterest has suggested it a time or two. I knew I wanted them as part of the overall rustic feel to our wedding. Would you know they charge almost $10 per wood round at most craft stores and even Amazon?! Imaging me sassily snapping my fingers and saying heck no. Joshua's dad, a saw, 2 hours, and some wood shellac made these guys and saved us a TON of money. 

    One of my favorite details was actually the smallest. Michele, my mom's friend that was really the entire vision behind all of the wedding decor, sprinkled these little wood chips all over the tables. Yes, I saved a ton of them.

    The pops of burgundy tied into the color of my sister's dress. I wanted to keep my colors basic, warm, and very much fall like. Champagne was a no brainer, as it was the color of the large bow on Penny's dress, and my entire dress. The burgundy just sort of worked with what we could find and what my sister was comfortable in. I refused to let her wear something she did not like, and since we was the only one in my bridal party, that made things that much easier. 

    Burlap, acorns, and baby's breath. It doesn't get more rustic than that, right? Though I had zero say in the decorating process for our reception, it all turned out if I had done it myself. Ok, let's be real, better. I am no interior designer! 

    Everything was simple, yet stunning. Since the reception took place in an old 18th century school house, there wasn't a huge need to splurge on fancy schmancy wedding decor. Especially since that's not me, at all. The entire reception felt like a comfortable, inviting October get together, which is exactly what I saw my wedding all along.

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