October 10, 2016

    Our first week of marriage flew by. I mean, totally expected with the home buying things and wedding both falling in the same 72 hour window. I'm not ashamed to admit there are still a ton of boxes to unpack that I have moved into the basement in attempts to convince myself they were unpacked. You know, out of sight? 

Friday... Bless my dad and brother for mowing our lawn. Our purchasing of a mower was delayed a bit. Originally, we were just going to buy a push mower. Then we saw our neighbor push mow their lawn, on a lot smaller than ours. It took him nearly 4 hours! Ain't nobody got time for that. It just so happens Joshua's grandma has a newish riding mower she doesn't use anymore. She's older and now pays someone to do her lawn. We figured why not. I guess it needs a part on the wheels? Something-something mechanical lingo here. Anyway, the part is cheaper than shilling out thousands on a mower, so a few extra days never hurt anyone. 

    We also tried out a new pizza shop that's in our new neck of the woods and I can assure you we will be frequent customers!

not going to lie, we had insane luck with that wallpaper

Saturday... Man oh man was Saturday a huge day for us. For whatever reason, my child decided to be a complete angel. Not that she's "bad," but let's get real, she's two going on three-nager and the tantrums are getting real lately. Saturday was parts wallpaper removal and project paint-the-living room. 

this is how you tag team painting

    Painting takes forever. We had my sister and a friend helping and still, yes, forever. At least we are getting biggest, most used room out of the way first, right? 

    We're 95% done with the living room and Joshua is fixing the tiny spots that need love tonight when he gets off work. Tomorrow, flooring commences, and I am SO ready to say buh-bye to that old shag carpet! 

Sunday... As much as the thought of a day off from home stuff killed me, I was so happy we did it! It was a little cooler than I would have liked, but shame on me for not layering up. (; At least the kiddo was bundled, and she had a ridiculous amount of fun! 

    You know, because, corn. In addition to waltzing around the corn maze, we also got some much needed exercise and walked to the pumpkin picking patch. (They had pumpkins already picked in a store that we later found out about, but whatever, we were being healthy). We purchased 4 pumpkins for the porch. Now to carve them! 

    I am not ready for this week. I'm already about 5 1/2 cups deep of coffee and if I can pull myself away from my cozy chair, I may fill up and make it to number 6. It was just way too cold this morning for my liking. 

    Plans this week consist of tackling the living room in hopes of the entire room being finished and ready for decorating on Saturday. Can you guess what I'm doing Saturday? 

How was your weekend? 

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