October 04, 2016

it poured on move in day.
    Imagine this, after working up the courage to start thinking seriously about purchasing your first home, you finally commit and meet with a team of realtors. Their shiny door handles and designer clothing convince you they mean business. They glamour you with success stories and give the stereotypical "I haven't met anyone I couldn't help," bs, and hand you a stack of need-to-knows that bring back high school exam time prep horror memories. Then, they proceed to terrify you with all these things you need to look for in a house that can kill you. You leave, feeling oddly confident, because after all, those designer suits wouldn't lead you astray?

    Months go by and after careful planning and a preapproval letter in your hand, you're finally ready to begin your search. Your once professional realtor becomes flaky. She goes days without responding to you, and when she does, she gives all these odd excuses why you can't look at a property you like. "Oh that has black mold, oh that has a bad septic tank, oh that's never going to pass an inspection." You feel concerned so behind said realtors back, you contact another. One with more experience and one that confirms what you've been thinking: first flaky realtor is stalling; is lying.

    You meet the new realtor you called in secret and she's different than your previous experience. She knows ins and outs and confirms all your concerns about previous realtor. You go home and act like a ten year old breaking up with your "across the cafeteria boyfriend," and email the old realtor, thus, "breaking up" with her. You question after your previous experience if realtors are really all cut from the same cloth.

Moving on.... 

    Your search continues and continues.... and continues. You've been at this about 7 months and you're just ready to find something already. Then, you do. A little ranch with everything you want in a home that just needs a face lift. Perfect, right? Your offer is accepted immediately and you feel like everything is going accordingly. Inspections come back, appraisal check out You do everything exactly as they say and more. Finally the day comes and your mortgage company gives you the ok to close, which is only 4 days away. In lender language, that's supposed to mean "we have everything we need to get your loan closed." You pack your entire apartment up and are assured by your mortgage company that they have all the paperwork they need. Two days later, you get the worst email you can imagine. Not only do they EMAIL you horrendous news, that your house suddenly sits in a "fall radius" of an electrical power line, and you can't buy it, but you get a taste of the dark side of home buying. CAN'T BUY IT?! You're told by the mortgage company, which now, refuses to take your frantic phone calls, that you'll just have to find another house, no big, right? Another house when you've already invented over $1000 into this house and it's not even yours.What's worse, is after hearing the devastating news, everything you own is packed up in boxes, AND your bridal shower is two days away.


    I can't make this garbage up. In one week we went from on top of the world, to crying in our bedroom which was piled to the ceiling with boxes. Wondering why I've been down? This. This crap right here. I let myself cry for a day and a half. I needed that selfish time to myself, but after that, I was determined. I refused to take no as an answer, and I started asking questions. Questions that just didn't make sense to me. Questions such as why what we were being told wasn't matching to all the documentation I had in front of me.

    For whatever reason, the initial realtor we started the home buying process with, told us over and over we could only obtain a mortgage through one company, and one company only. We didn't know any better. Perhaps that particular real estate company makes big bucks from referrals to that Mortgage company. Needless to say it was all a big fat lie.

    It takes bad news to make you realize there are still good people left in this world. Those good people tend to be right under your nose. I expressed my urge to not give up just yet to my realtor and she sent our information around to several local lenders. An hour later, she got a hit. A local guy who just so happened to be the lender a very close friend worked with. Not only that, his office was 2 minutes from the apartment. Right under our noses. The previous lender wasn't thrilled with our decision to leave them, and when we requested our case be transferred, I got a nice immature "no matter what, the property is uninsurable," snotty email from them. In addition to this new, local lender, we suddenly realized what fabulous people our sellers were. Without anything in it for them, they agreed to give us time to work this mess of a situation through, and quite frankly, wait it out. When they very well had every right to throw the home back on the market.

    After tears and signing our life away, here we are. We purchased said "uninsurable" property and are happy with the outcome. Even if we did move two days before our wedding. The truth is, no one can prepare you for something like this and home buying is like throwing a blindfold on and walking through a busy street. Unless you have a family member, or a friend who's a realtor, they are ALL the same. All of them. Sure, we left our first, flaky realtor for one with more experience, but even she wasn't the best match for us. What saved this entire experience, was a gentleman named Chuck. That second lender we found who essentially saved the day. We owe him everything and he went above and beyond to save this home for us, even if it meant taking a month longer to move in.

    As I stood in my new front yard on move in day. I couldn't help but smile. In the flowerbed was a beautiful purple hydrangea. I gazed at the intricate details of the flowers and thought to myself, waiting is really a beautiful thing.

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